We are a family-run orchard in the hills of Hidden Meadows above Escondido, California and about 20 miles from the coast. The Mediterranean-style climate is considered ideal for growing blood oranges. Our mature trees are treated with an abundance of TLC and reward us each year with a bountiful supply of beautiful smelling blossoms and flavorful fruit and juice.

Listing last updated on Oct 28, 2020

We currently have a limited quantity of super tasty blood oranges ready for shipping and will fill orders as long as supplies last. However, the higher temperatures experienced in 2018, has resulted in the majority of the crop being smaller than in previous years. The citrus industry is hoping that the cool, rainy weather recently experienced here in California, will help the oranges gain size as the season progresses. We shall therefor delay harvesting for awhile and hope for the best.

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I ordered them 3 times this year.

These are by far the best Blood Oranges.

You truly must try these blood oranges. They were so good I could have cried! So sweet.

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