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sea vegetables

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Sea Vegetables are a market name given to a wide range of different marine plants (seaweed) several off which are commonly known as kelp.

Sea Vegetables have been a staple of many coastal and maritime people and especially in Asian cuisine for thousands of years and they're of increasing importance to health conscious diets everywhere around the world today. Kelp in particular is an excellent source of up to 50 different minerals and micro-nutrients, especially iodine and potassium. Kelp also yields important ingredients used in several prepared foods, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

Kelp has been used in traditional medicine for milenia, and is also being investigated by modern western medicine for its potential use in treating cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments.

Sea Vegetables are becoming increasingly popular in many vegetarian recipes and their contribution to good nutrition and ease of preparation have much to offer a wide range of tastes. They can be used in many different soups, stir-fry, salads, baked dishes, stews and chowders and for marinades and wraps. Sea Vegetables can be roasted and crumbled into flakes and used in place of salt as a table condiment or finely grounded and blended with flour and they can also be deep fried and even made into a tea.

Contributed by Scott MacDonald, of Pacific Sun Kelp Kelp's ability to metabolize and concentrate useful minerals can also extend to some that are harmful including heavy metals so care should be taken when selecting Sea Vegetables. They are best harvested in areas that are located far from large industrial centers and should be periodically tested to ensure they are safe.