A family-owned farm in its second generation, Kinne Brook Farm raises and sells Highland beef in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshires. We are proud to announce that our beef and eggs have just been certified by the national Animal Welfare Approved program! Our beef comes from heritage cattle that are grass-fed and grass-finished, have never been confined, and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Our herd is grazed exclusively on grass and other forage, augmented only by our own hay in the winter. We use management intensive grazing techniques, and all pastures and hay fields are fertilized with composted manure and/or OMRI certified fish emulsion.

Kinne Brook Farm was established in the early 19th century, and has been in the family since 1980. Originally focused on Hereford cattle, we have been raising Highland cattle for four years. The farm is rich in its diversification: we have our growing herd of Highland Cattle; have a flock of chickens from which we collect and sell eggs; make hay with our neighbors on our collective 65 acres that we sell out of our barn; cut our own firewood; and provide sap to our neighbors J.P. and Marian Welch at Justamere Tree Farm for maple syrup.

There are a variety of ways to buy Kinne Brook Farm beef. We sell in bulk (25, 50, and 100 pound packages), and by the cut out of freezers in our barn. All of the meat is dry-aged for at least three weeks, which tenderizes the meat through natural enzyme action and concentrates the flavor. Individual cuts come frozen and shrink wrapped from a USDA inspected slaughterhouse.

Call or email if you want to purchase some beef or visit the farm!

Listing last updated on Apr 6, 2012

Grass-fed and -finished Highland beef sold in bulk or by the individual cut. Family-owned and operated for two generations in an early 19th century farm in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshires.

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