A herd of hogs foraging in the pasture. A small group of cattle contentedly chewing their cud. Fields of hay bordered by woods extending into the valley. At the top of a ridge with a dirt road leading up it, this is our homestead. This is Liberty Ridge.

When you care about the meat that you feed your family, that it's wholesome and nutritious, from animals that lived happy lives here in our care, you've come to the right place.

These are not concentration camp animals which never smell the fresh air, injected with hormones, stuffed with genetically engineered grain, and propped up with daily doses of antibiotics.

These are real animals, with real personalities, and we know them as individuals (well ok, maybe not all the poultry). These are creatures that God has made, and we are stewards of a small part of his creation. They all have a purpose, to enjoy life and be enjoyed by us, and then to provide nourishment for us and for families around the community.

Our current pricing:

Broiler Chickens $3.00 per lb

Stewing Chickens $2.00 per lb

Turkeys $4.00 per lb

All poultry prices are for whole birds, dressed and bagged.

Pork Whole $2.50 per lb Half $3.00 per lb We also have individual cuts, sausage and hot dogs available from our farm freezer.

Beef Quarter $3.25 per lb Steaks, roasts, and ground beef are also available for sale from the farm freezer.

All pork and beef prices (except for individual cuts) based on hanging weight. Processing is additional.

Our organic pastured broiler chickens, raised on grass and certified organic grain, live in floorless pens which we move daily to fresh pasture. We butcher and process them here and sell them right here at the farm, both fresh, and frozen as available.

Our organic turkeys are raised on pasture over the summer, and are available, freshly dressed, in time for Thanksgiving, and frozen, while they last.

Our hogs are pastured in summer and are fed high quality organic hay in the winter, along with non-gmo grain, and occasional dairy products, outdated breads, and extra veggies.

Our beef is 100% grass-fed. We rotationally graze our cattle in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and feed them our hay in the Winter.

Listing last updated on Sep 3, 2014

Frozen chickens for sale now, mostly in the 5-7 lb range. $3/lb. Call ahead.

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Schedule and Location:

Viroqua Western Technical College parking lot. Saturdays 8:00 am to noon

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