Our family offers hormone and antibiotic-free, pasture-fed beef throughout the year to families in our West Tennessee area. We believe strongly in the healthier profile of beef from cattle that have eaten grass the way they are supposed to! Pasture-fed beef has essential fatty acids (EFAs) not found in grain-fed beef and is lower in saturated fat.

Our cattle are free to roam and graze, they are not confined or fed-out in a feed lot. We also provide vitamin and mineral supplements and fresh, potable water. We raise breeds of cattle that are known to finish well on grass, such as Belted Galloways, Angus, Red Polls and Murray Greys.

We utilize a local, family-owned processor, who ages our beef for added tenderness and flavor. The beef is then cut-down, vacuum-sealed, labeled, frozen for our customers.

In addition to our pasture-fed beef, we offer pork each summer in July and August, as well as lamb when available.

Listing last updated on Jun 8, 2014

Hormone and Antibiotic-Free, Pasture-Fed Beef Beef Processings in January, April, June and October Pork Processings in July and August Lamb Processings when available

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We purchase our beef and pork from them and all has been tasty, fresh and easy to use. Paulette is personable and aims to please.

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