Find Mandarins

First a bit of citrus background : Citrus fruits where first domesticated in China and the Malay Archipelago thousands of years ago, from there they were transplanted to India and the Middle East. By the 4th century B.C. citrus trees were firmly established in Greece where they were hailed as "the golden apples of the gods".

Citrus fruits were further spread by travelers returning home to Europe from Asia along the Silk Road, (how could anyone resist such fragrant fruits and flowers!). Citrus then reached the New World with the Spanish.

Mandarins are a type of citrus with a thin dark orange skin which is so easy to peel that you don't even get your hands sticky. The name "mandarin" came about during the fruit's journey from China to the West. The same fruit is known as "tangerine" after Tangiers where they made a stop at some point in their journey to fame. The Clementine is a hybridization of a mandarin and an orange created by Father Clement in his mission's orchard.

To me, anything as sweet and as good for you as a mandarin should be eaten straight from the tree/fruit bowl/or lunchbox . I understand that a most interesting liqueur can be made from the peel.

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