Meadowlake Farm is a 100 acre farm that was established as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. It is located in Hiram, Ohio and has been in our family since the 1950's. It is currently a combination of working farmland, pristine woodlands and home to our organically managed apiary and honeybee sanctuary.

We create one of a kind therapies that are 100% natural, organic and pure using our own organic hive products as the foundation for a wide range of incredibly luxurious and aromatic formulas for your whole body. A combination of ancient wisdom and new science, they deliver an abundance of potent, natural healers and health restorers to your body and skin.

Our active, supportive ingredients come only from renewable, sustainable sources. Widely used by natural practitioners, the Hive Isolates TM line of therapies reach well beyond the skin. No other products in the world contain this proprietary blend of natural, concentrated hive extracts which are potent cytotoxins (destroy cancer cells) that scavange free radicals, eliminate heavy metals and provide collagen support and renewal. Our bees are kept without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. Our hives are certified organic.

Our hive products are extracted naturally without heat. We only use hive products that will not sacrifice the life, or quality of life of our bees. Will will not use royal jelly in our products, since this requires raising and killing queens. The botanicals we combine with our hive products are extracted by natural methods without solvents.

Our products are 100% free from man made chemicals.

Hive products were used by humans to heal for countless centuries and are once again being successfully used in hospital settings in the U.S. and abroad where conventional treatments have failed.

Explore what our therapies can offer you.

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Our products can now be found at select Whole Foods locations!

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This cream is great. All really good natural ingredients with Honey at the top of the list. Exceptional for skin care, especially the face. The price isn't bad either , in my opinion.... [more]

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