We invite your family to enjoy some of the finest, best tasting and most nutritious beef you'll find anywhere. Our beef draws on a past culture where farm-raised foods were savored for their simple wholesomeness and rich flavor. Our beef reflects the flavor of our soil and nutritious grasses. Since it is our belief that cattle were meant to be graziers, we never grain feed or use any additives with our hay.

Our 670 acre ranch is family owned and is certified by American Grassfed Association. This means our cattle receive nothing but grass all their lives---after they are weaned from their mothers' milk at about 9 months of age. We are also certified by Animal Welfare Approved, which means we treat our animals humanely, using low-stress ranching methods. Our cattle are never confined to a feedlot. Our beeves are rotated on lush green pastures during the summer and our own high-quality brome/clover and alfalfa hay is rolled out on pastures during the winter months. Our Angus herds are rotated between pastures by simply calling to them. Our beef are born, raised and finished on our ranch. Each beef can be traced back to our family herd by a numbering system

We use no growth hormones or antibiotics. Our pastures are not sprayed with synthetic pesticides or herbicides. We do not market other animals from the ranch.--we concentrate only on high-quality beef! Our only goal is to offer you the best-tasting, healthiest beef you can buy because we recognize the Health Benefits of 100% pastured beef. You are in for a real authentic treat when you discover grassfed beef---that is---100% GRASS-FED BEEF!!

You can sometimes purchase our beef in local grocery stores but, most of the time, we market bulk beef (1/4's, 1/2's or wholes) directly to customers. The majority of our bulk beef is available in the Fall. Customers will pick up their beef directly from our processor in Desoto, KS. Fresh-frozen cuts can be purchased at the Ranch or call and we will arrange for a mutual meeting place. Come see us. Know where and how your beef is raised! See our website: www.mandjranch.com

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This really is a great place to buy local,grass fed beef. And you can see the cows in the field when you go up. They are kind and hospitable folks. The meat tastes fabulous! You can go directly to their farm, or their products are carried at the Merc! as well...

We found MJ Ranch through Local Harvest listing when we first moved to the KC area and contacted them right away to buy some beef a la carte to give it a try.... [more]

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