Cheap, Healthy, EBT Accessible Foods

Market Days: Friday Noon - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm. Shop, and stay awhile to sit around with neighbors over free coffee.

The Food: Our offerings focus on low-cost, healthy staples from the 5 food groups and some essential household items. Basically, expect prices lower than your big box store on most items, and far lower than health food stores or farmers markets. All or most all of our produce is organic, and as much as possible is straight from local farms. Some produce items and dry goods are "seconds".

Some suppliers: Backwoods Bakery; small, local Amish bakery that provides bread, pasta, desserts) B&B Organics: local organics wholesaler that allows us to resell their produce cheaply at the end of the weekly cycle.) Plowshares Farm: local organic farm that provides great vegetables and inexpensive pastured eggs Dents for Cents: cheap canned goods and much more

Directions: Find us at 744 S. Main St. The street is one way going South, and you will find us on the left, a large white building with a parking lot, after Bronson St., and just before you hit Sample St. Walk around to the garden on the south side of the building to enter the co-op through the side door.

-- At this time we can only accept cash and EBT (SNAP) funds --

Listing last updated on Oct 27, 2012

Please see for more information! Weekly market days on Friday Noon-6 pm and Saturday 9 am-2 pm. We make healthy foods available cheaply and EBT accessible. Imagine a store combining farmers' market and grocery store, emphasizing produce, organics, and home made goods, but carrying all the basics. As a co-op, we actively build community and encourage buyers to become members, and ask members to help out at the store or pay dues.

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