I have a small flock of cage-free chickens (usually around 50) that are originally from Murray MacMurray Hatchery in Iowa. I also buy chickens from my local feed store, and hatch some of my own. I have a mix of egg colors and sizes, mostly large, in brown, blue and white. My output can't support very many customers, so it's mostly nearby neighbors that come to buy eggs. Production surges in spring and fall, slacks off a bit in midsummer, and peters out in winter. I can't compete with Wal-mart or Costco on price without losing money, but my customers tell me the taste is way better. I don't use any pesticides, and as for antibiotics, only for the first few weeks of age, where I use medicated feed to ward off coccidiosis, unless the chicks are bought, where I can order them vaccinated so they don't need that. But the adults get all-grain feed from my local feed store, which they thrive on.

Listing last updated on Mar 19, 2018

  • cage-free
  • grain-fed
  • self-serve
  • local customers only

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