North Texas Society for Sustainability

Fairview, Texas

North Texas Society for Sustainability is a learning collaborative focusing on creating the means and conditions for Sustainable Development.

Development evolves from 1)Learning from Nature: Purpose, Process, and Structure 2)Taking an integrative Systems Perspective for the basis of our Understanding 3)Utilizing Permaculture: As a Design methodology, and living practice for creating sustainable human settlements.

As stated by Bill Mollison in Permaculture: A Designer's Manual, in order for the long-term consequences of our actions to promote sustainability for future generations, we need to use "species that are native to our area or those naturalized species known to be beneficial; plan for small‑scale, energy‑efficient intensive systems rather than large‑scale, energy‑consuming extensive systems; be diverse, polycultural; increase the sum of yields: look at the total yield of the system provided by annuals, perennials, crops, trees and animals, also regard energy saved as a yield; use low energy environmental (solar, wind and water) and biological (plant and animal) systems to conserve and generate energy; bring food growing back into the towns and cities; assist people to become self‑reliant and promote community responsibility; reafforest the earth and restore fertility to the soil; use everything at its optimum level and recycle so‑called wastes of any kind; see solutions, not problems ."

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Connecting current technologies and knowledge with ecological understanding in order to develop sustainable communities of practice.

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