Papa Joe's Sweet Corn and More specializes in, you guessed it " SWEET CORN" Papa Joe has spent countless hours perfecting the varieties of sweet corn he grows and how to produce the best sweet corn you'll ever eat. Special care is put into every ear.... Papa Joe started perfecting his Sweet Corn when he realized that his daughters and grand kids loved it. So Papa Joe decided that if he was going to raise sweet corn that it had to be the best sweet corn grown. So now you get the opportunity to enjoy it.... Papa Joe ' the CORNISOURE " ....

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Papa Joe's Sweet Corn..... Also try some of his home grown Tomatoes... Southern Peas and Yard Long Green Beans... Papa Joe and his lovely wife Miss Donna invite you to come out anytime and see their garden and fields. Papa Joe also offers a service that helps you design and set-up your own garden no matter how small your space. Using drip irrigation and many other tactics will ensure you have a beautiful garden.

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Joe has been growing this locally for years in small batches for friends and it's unbelievable corn. I am glad to see him growing more and selling it! Go get some while it lasts!

Joe and Donna are the real deal. Their corn and vegetables are fresh and really delicious. Joe can give you pointers on everything from gardening to Deer and Duck Hunting and keep you laughing the whole time.... [more]

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