East of Metro KC, north of I-70; I welcome new client-friends (by appointment, please)! My website abounds with information about the farm. I do not ship and would LOVE to have you visit the farm to enjoy a little nature when you pick up your food.

I am dedicated to providing food that people can eat:

*Eggs from pastured hens that are fed NO corn, soy, wheat or antibiotics.

*Dark Cornish pasture-raised meat chickens that are fed NO corn, soy, wheat or antibiotics.

*"Cow-pooling" of grass-fed/finished Belted Galloway steers. Reserve your share (full, half, quarter).

Aronia berry bush starts are available in 2015.

I am expanding into tree fruits and nuts, in addition to honey and other bee products. All raised in sustainable ways without the "cides". I want to be your local farmer; let me know what else I can plant/raise for you!

Listing last updated on Jan 14, 2015

There is more to this farm than just chickens and cattle! Visit my website and enjoy the journey with me. I'd love to be YOUR local farmer!

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