Plumb Rocky Farm is a small diversified livestock farm in Madison County, that has been in our family for over 50 years. It was and is a place for us to learn about nature and to be good stewards of the world. As we strive to be good stewards we also focus on Heritage and endangered breeds. We have Ancona ducks, for meat and eggs, Icelandic sheep for meat, wool and milk, Ossabaw Island hogs, Jersey cows for milk, rose veal and jersey beef, and a mix of dairy goats for meat and milk. All of these breeds were chosen for traits that fit our farm, as well as producing unequaled taste and flavor.
Trying to be good stewards, we use traditional farming practices, that our grand parents would have used. Having small herds, flocks, or groups of animals, that support and interact, and compliment each other. Excess cows milk feeds pigs and chickens, chickens follow behind cows, goats and sheep, distributing manure and eating bugs, pigs root and turn soil to be replanted, goats eat many plants sheep and cows won't, etc. All our animals are on pasture in season, moving to new pasture every 1-3 days , as the growth allows. In the winter they move close to or in the barn so they can have shelter from wind and cold, but still access pasture as well as some woods and we can more easily care for them.

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Rose Veal differs from conventional veal. For us it is a calf that is raised by its mother and spends its days with the other cows and calves. We wait till it is 8-10 months old, before it is processed. It produces a beautiful tender meat that is extremely healthly and flavorful.
Our Ossabaw Island Hogs, are raised as purebreds or crossed with Gloucester Old Spot, both produce a meat that is unusually red and rich tasting. Unlike any pork in the grocery store.

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Hamilton Farmers market Saturdays May thru October 8am-1pm
Poolville winter market 1st Saturday November- April 10 am- 1pm

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