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Plums are stone or pitted fruits related to nectarines, peaches and apricots, but much more diverse. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Japanese-type plums are usually consumed fresh. Most of these varieties have a juicy yellow to red flesh and a deep scarlet or golden yellow skin. These are best fully ripe, when at their sweetest and juiciest.

Plums bred for prunes come from the European side of the family. They are purple, smaller, denser, less juicy than the other types. In their fresh stage they are referred to as fresh prunes or purple plums. Greengage plums are tart and green, as the name suggests, these are used mainly in preserves or confitures.

Pitted prunes are used in an array of pork, duck and chicken dishes, either whole or pureed into sauces.

Fresh plums should be eaten plain, anything as good as a ripe plum doesn't need anything else. For a summer dessert to be eaten outdoors arrange ripe purple, red and yellow plums on a platter, they will look spectacular.

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