Find Pomelos

Also known as shaddok, Bali lemon, Chinese grapefruit or pummelo, it is a native of Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

This is the largest of all the citrus family and grapefruit's direct ancestor. Out in the wild one single pommelo can weigh as much as 25 pounds.

It tastes very much like a grapefruit but sweeter, and has a thicker and fleshier skin. In China it is believed that eating pommelo during the New Year celebrations will bring luck. Others claim that an immersion bath where pommelo skins have been boiled will repel the evil eye. Whatever, here is a fruit with definitely good vibes.

Pommelo is good by itself or made into marmalades, preserves and jellies. Candied pommelo skin is a confection well worth trying. It is also a key ingredient of Thai cuisine in sauces which go over spring rolls, chicken or fish.

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