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There are several methods of extracting oil from fruits, seeds or nuts and the method used will determine the final results. One of the oldest, most straightforward methods of obtaining oil is by pressing. Cold pressed, unrefined oils retain the original taste and smell of the fruit, seed or nut and are higher in nutritional value. The lower the temperature of extraction the smaller the oil yield, which is why cold-pressed oils aren't cheap.

These oils can be used as a food, as a nutritional supplement, or as a raw material to make soaps, lotions and lubricants.

Extra-virgin olive oil: A must in every kitchen, it makes all the difference dribbled over pasta, salads or sopped up with homemade bread.

Sesame oil: When truly cold pressed it will solidify when refrigerated.

Toasted sesame oil: Nutty, smells like heaven. A must in Asian cuisine.

Flax oil: One of the highest in Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

Almond oil: Very delicate, to flavor sweet things or on your skin.

Walnut oil: a true gourmet delicacy.

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