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A Wonderful CSA Experience
By: Rachel Hasler    (Sep 27, 2010)

I found Full Harvest Farm on LocalHarvest when I was searching for a CSA that had a drop-off site in Racine, WI. The variety of foods they offered sounded good, so I decided to purchase a share. I'm very glad that I did!

I receive the "couples share," and it's the perfect size for a single vegetarian like me. The food that I get in each box is always wonderful, and the box is usually filled to capacity. And in some cases, it doesn't all fit in the box- like when we got gorgeous watermelons!

Every week they send out an emailed newsletter detailing what to expect in the boxes, some recipes to try, and a little bit about what is happening "down on the farm." In the newsletter they explain how weather conditions have effected the crops (hail damaged the lettuce this summer, but the heavy rains meant a bumper crop of potatoes!), and what little critters may have caused problems.

From the moment I first emailed them about joining the CSA, Terry and Chuck have been nothing but helpful. I was able to see the farm and meet both of them at this year's open house, and they were just as nice in person as they were in their emails!

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Full Harvest farms. Top notch fruits and vegetables, friendly people, and the knowledge that you're supporting local, organic farming.

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Tasty Adventure in a Box
By: Terry Burki    (Apr 6, 2009)

Each week I eagerly await delivery day, wondering what wonderful foods I'll find in the box. What fun digging through it all and planning menus around its contents. Everything always looks (ands tastes!) freshly picked, not limp and lifeless. I especially appreciate the great variety of fruits and veggies in a box rather than getting just lots of one or two things. The boxes inspired me: luscious organic strawberries called for homemade shortcakes; apples and pears became baked crisps; broccoli rabe was immersed in a tomato sauce and ladled on polenta; beets and potatoes were oven-roasted and became the bed for a salmon fillet with horseradish cream sauce. Oh, all the weekly possibilities! There's also a weekly newsletter that helps me better appreciate everything I receive and keeps us up-to-date with what's happening on the farm. Often recipes are included too. The first time an item shows up in the box it is listed under "New Stuff" usually accompanied by a good description of its nutritional value and how to use and store it. Other helpful information is also shared. Like the time some of the romaine leaves were chewed on a bit. We were informed that slugs were the culprits. It's comforting to have that information up front rather than wondering what those little holes are. I don't mind sharing a bit of my lettuce when I know who I'm sharing it with! (and better a critter than a pestcide!) Every week, there is also a "choice box" at every delivery site. This box has extra stuff that you help yourself to if you want. It might be just more of what you got in your box (extra tomatoes, zucchini, corn, etc.) or it might be something not in the boxes, like a few extra melons or peppers. You can also take anything unwanted out of your box and place in the "choice" box to share with others (e.g. if you're not a fan of cilantro, put it in the 'choice" box to be picked up by someone who loves it). The 'choice" box is a great way to share the bounty and eliminate waste. I thoroughly enjoy all the great fresh food, on-time deliveries, and good information provided by Full Harvest Farm. It's the best way I've found to experience the rhythm of the seasons and the nutrition of nature's bounty, without all the hard work and worry. I heartily recommend you give them a try. Chuck and Terry deliver...and then some!

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