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Beautiful Blueberries and a Terrific Time
By: Rebecca Borah    (Jul 26, 2010)

I can't give these folks enough stars. We called ahead and had no trouble finding the farm. It was a nice hour or so drive up from Covington. The owners were great and made the experience a pleasure despite the heat. Classical music, lots of butterflies and even a humming bird to keep us company. We picked 20 lbs. of blueberries and enjoyed dinner at the Sherman Hourse Inn in Batesville afterward. We hope to return with the kids next time. Thank you!

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 29, 2010)

Rebecca, Thanks for your kinds words. We sure enjoy sharing our harvest with everyone. You all make being in this business an absolute joy. thanks - bring a copy of this note with you next year for a complimentary pound of blueberries.

Enjoyed the day
By: Gloria Danielson    (Jul 16, 2010)

My daughter and I had a great experience at Alpine Berry Farm. The owner was informative and welcoming. We felt right at home. Easy to find. Nice berries. Drinking water available. Barn/store has room to relax out of the sun - a welcome relief in hot weather. Care has been taken to make the berry-picking experience enjoyable. If you go: remember the farmer does not control the weather (bring sunscreen, hat/sunglasses), when the berries will ripen or how quickly the berries will be picked (there may be loads of berries or just a few). I have fond memories of picking blueberries with my grandmother at a local blueberry farm. Not only was it fun and yummy but was also one way my grandmother taught me to respect the land and those who produce my food. Thanks, Alpine, for providing this exxperience for me and my daughter. We look forward to our next trip to the berry farm.

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 18, 2010)

Thanks for coming to our farm and supporting small, family farming. And many thanks for your kind review. Bring a copy of this note on your next visit for a free pound of u-pick berries.

Great fun!
By: Andrea Meyer    (Jul 10, 2010)

This was our first time picking and all 5 of us - 3 little kids included - had a great time! We all had fun picking the blueberries and enjoyed the beautiful day. The barn was really neat and everyone working was really nice. What a fun experience! We can't wait to use our blueberries and I was so happy the kids got a chance to see where they come from. We will definitely go back!

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 10, 2010)

Andrea, we are glad you enjoyed yourselves, especially the children! Thank you for supporting a small farm. We appreciate it very much! remind us that we owe you 1 pound of free blueberries for posting such kind words on the web site! Your blueberry farmers, Ted and Kathy Cooley

Wonderful Blueberries
By: Lisa Knutson    (Jun 28, 2009)

This was the first time I picked blueberries. It was a wonderful experience. I took the kids 18, 14, 13, and they all had a great time. The farm is FULL of berries. We picked for over an hour and came home with 10 pounds of berries. The owners of the farm are awesome. We have decided to make this an annual event with the family.

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 2, 2009)

Thanks Lisa, we do have a great crop this year and look forward to you returning next year (or maybe even next month :) Kathy

beautiful morning and wonderful berries
By: Christin    (Aug 17, 2008)

The blueberries and blackberries are incredible! I have picked berries at Alpine Berry Farm the last two Saturday mornings and have enjoyed picking the berries, listening to NPR, and being covered in the morning dew. I will be back:-)

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Thanks for the delicious berries!
By: Kelli Ploeger    (Jul 31, 2008)

Made my first trip here with a friend today- what a treat! The farmhouse (converted barn?) has a spacious seating area with 2 tables and a pool table, some of the children were playing there. They have a clean restroom. Price was nice also. Ive washed and frozen most of my haul, and hope to make cobbler tomorrow!

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5 stars
By: megan    (Jul 24, 2008)

I have recently visited alpine berry farm and i was very pleased! they had a great service, and not to mention the berries were terrific! so if you like blueberries or blackberries, i would definatley go here! enjoy!

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By: Robbie    (Jul 21, 2008)

I attempted to pick at Alpine Berry Farm this past weekend. On Monday, they said they would be open Thursday. On Saturday, I visited this page, and they said they were open for "light picking." I called to find out what that meant, and there was a voice mail stating it would be open Sunday instead. I left a message with questions.

Alpine Berry Farm would not return my call, and when I finally got someone to answer the phone, they gave me a completely different date to pick from their voice mail and Web site. (I see that they have updated their page again after my call with them Saturday morning.)

I have no idea what is going on with them, but it certainly seems that if they can't give a consistent date that picking is available, or even return a customer's phone call, that they do not want my business!

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 23, 2008)

We are sorry for the confusion last week. We are in between our 2 big picking times and there are still many nice berries available but it is difficult to manage the great demand for our berries with the availability. The availability is influenced by number of customers, bird damage and the weather. We try to be very sensitive to our customers time and gas money and do our best to give up-to-date information. We appreciate all of our customers. Please keep letting us know how we can keep you best informed. Kathy and Ted

says:    (Jul 31, 2008)

I have picked at this farm for many years. This is a great place to get berries. They are huge and very tasty. It is unfortunate that you feel bad about the farm. You will be missing out on some great blueberries. You might keep in mind that the berries have to ripen for them to be available to pick and mother nature works at her own pace. The dates given are only estimates and that is why they say to call for more information. Aren't you glad they updated their answering machine message with new info about picking times, so you did not drive to the farm and see there was nothing to pick.