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18 year member
By: Beth Palzet    (Mar 16, 2013)

I've been a shareholder since 1995. If you are looking for Community Supported Agriculture this is the place! They will get you your fresh, 100% organic vegetables to a pick-up location near your house efficiently. Everything is just picked and you can tell by the wonderful taste! You will get all your old favorites, carrots, onions, potatoes, be reintroduced to veggies from your past, beets, rutabagas, cabbage, and make new "friends" celeriac, chard, lemon balm. If you are trying to eat healthier, try Angelic Organics

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Great veggies even in a tough year for farming!
By: Matt Elmore    (Mar 11, 2013)

My girlfriend and I tried out Angelic Organics for our first CSA last year and despite it being of the toughest years for farmers in Illinois due to the drought conditions, all of the vegetables were beautiful, delicious and as high quality organic as we have eaten. Not only that, there were tons of them. We bought a 1/2 share and along with a tiny garden plot across the street from our apartment, we had vegetables coming out of our ears for the entire growing season. We were very happy overall and have recommended the CSA to tons of friends, most of which have signed up for the 2013 summer share.

Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed!

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Angelic Organics has great food!
By: Margaret Riehl    (Mar 9, 2013)

I've renewed my CSA share with Angelic Organics for another season. Great food, nice variety, and it sure was fun to get vegetables into late fall. There are many options for share size and number of weeks, which could be very helpful to new shareholders. Try them!

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Still in love after 18 years!
By: Lisa Hish    (Mar 9, 2013)

My family has been a shareholder since 1995, and we are still in love with Angelic Organics. This is the only CSA in the Chicago area using biodynamic practices to nourish their soil (the gold standard of organics), and it shows in the taste and vitality of their vegetables. The tomatoes are tomato-ey, the carrots are strong and taste like carrots, the garlic is so strong it is medicinal! These fresh vegetables have all been picked 2-5 days before and only travel 80 miles to table. And the farm has never missed a delivery in 18 years.

There is a weekly newsletter included with each delivery, featuring a vegetable and referencing the recipes in the farm's very own cookbook.

They hold two field days each year, for families to share in a potluck, pick beans or pumpkins, take a hayride, pet the farm animals, or take a nap under a tree.

They have their own educational center which teaches young farmers how to farm, urbanites to keep bees, chickens and how to compost.

This is the farm and farmer, John Peterson, featured in the film, "The Real Dirt on Farmer John".

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A CSA that has stood the test of time
By: Jodell Gabriel    (Mar 9, 2013)

I was first introduced to Angelic Organics at the farm stand just off of 251.

In 1995, I became a shareholder. Angelic lives the CSA philosophy. I've learned to pay attention to the weather and it's impact on my food. AND I have enjoyed experiencing my tastebuds and cells taking notice when I eat these vegetables. Delicious. I know the team works hard to produce quality food. Even in challenging weather conditions, Angelic boxes have been full and top quality. Finally, (where do I really end this) a sense of community has developed over the years. It comes out of the newsletter, communication about deliveries, the farm open houses and the learning center.

I have bought shares in many different ways. When single, I split a share with a family. When broke, I got a collective of other broke friends to share a box and we would eat together.When well healed, I would get a whole box...more than enough for one person and share it with friends. Now married we get a box every other week which is just enough for us.

Angelic has stood the test of time and has never lost site of produce quality or their shareholders.

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Eight years and counting!
By: Amy Derksen    (Mar 8, 2013)

We're going on our 9th season with Angelic Organics, and we love being part of the farm. The quality and variety of produce are amazing, but their professionalism is head and shoulders above another CSA we tried a while ago. I can't say that all other CSAs pale in comparison, but Angelic Organics sets the bar pretty high. There's no question that the boxes are great value, wonderful for trying new things, and great for getting our first grader to eat all sorts of vegetables all summer long.

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Very good CSA
By: Jennifer Drake    (Jan 9, 2011)

We did this CSA for 2010 and enjoyed it. The positive of this CSA is the quantity of produce you receive and the quantity of drop-off locations (they have so many, it's almost certain one will be convenient to you!). We felt the quality was better with a smaller CSA (Growing Home) but this one offers a larger amount of everything. Sometimes we felt the veggies were not as fresh - probably with a larger CSA it's harder to harvest the veggies so close to drop off time). It's also a bit less sustainable because it's larger. Still, offers a lot for a good price with convenient pickup locations.

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The Best
By: nilea Rohrer-Parvin    (Jan 2, 2009)

Brilliant, beautiful, bountiful. Black soil. Colorful produce. Count the hands that touch this'll feel the community with-in. Get the Cookbook! Even those of us who know our kitchen and our foods get a shot of inspiration from the quirky fine recipes within.

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