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GREAT investment - Saved a lot of $$$
By: Olivia Chung    (Feb 21, 2017)

I absolutely love this CSA program! The food is fresh, clean, and I always receive a great share size!

I went from spending around $1100 A MONTH in grocery bills buying 'organic produce/fruits' to spending about $1100 A YEAR by becoming a CSA member with Sycamore Spring Farm. I have a full share and an egg share. Couldn't be happier!!

A great investment!!

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I LOVE this farm!
By: Jordan Tran    (Jan 23, 2013)

I've been a part of the Sycamore Spring family for a while and I love the CSA program that Farmer Carol has because I can guarantee that I'll always be able to try a new vegetable! I've learned a lot while volunteering at the farm, and just from watching everything that goes on at the farm. Not only is the produce great, but the animals are well taken care of, the prices for CSA shares are great, and the farm is just an overall amazing place to be. I can recommend Sycamore Spring Farm to anyone who is looking to switch their family to a healthier lifestyle, or who are just looking for a local farm to support.

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Like nothing I've ever experienced before
By: Olivia Chung    (Jan 23, 2013)

I have been a part of this CSA program for many years. I regularly volunteer at the farm and absolutely love the atmosphere, the people, animals and not to mention FOOD!

It's great getting away from the city and coming to the farm on the weekends and helping out and getting back to my roots. Also, I'm a proud owner of an English Shepherd that was born and raised at this farm!!

This is an amazing program that everyone should be apart of if you care about what you're eating, what your family is eating, and giving yourself and your family lifelong experiences.

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Seven Acre Paradise
By: Gilbert    (Jan 20, 2012)

I bring my family down from PA to see Farmer Carol and all the animals.

The kids love seeing all the animals and love to hear Farmer Carol's stories about projects going on on the farm.

If you are in Frederick, definitely worth checking out.

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Lovely Season
By:    (Jan 11, 2012)

Have known of CSA's and considered joining for years.

2011 & Sycamore Spring Farm was my first forage into actually investing in a CSA. My husband was still a little cautious.

We joined with the Monthly Program. Select (in advance) one weekend a month to visit the farm and collect the allotment. Well, being a newbie - I missed the first month. oops. Made it the second month and explained. They were very gracious, welcoming and gave me a personal tour.

I received our allotment and returned home. As my husband was still skeptical so I weighed and inventoried what we have received and then compared notes with a neighbor with another CSA. I was never disapointed. What we had was in fine condition and freshly picked. It had not sat in a cooler for days. The variety was bountiful.

I will join the CSA again for the upcoming year, however, the Monthly plan did not work for my schedule. I am going to have to do better this year!!

Thank you.

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A great environment for learning
By: Jamilla Stittgen    (Feb 16, 2010)

The children always perk up when they hear that we're making a visit to the farm. They get to witness, first hand, where chickens come from, how tiny seeds grow into vegetables, where the food that we eat comes from, and the value of hard work.

There are certain things that you just can't teach kids in a classroom because they HAVE to experience it in order for it to truly make an impact.

It's one thing to read from a text book that beef comes from cows, but a totally different thing to see, touch, smell, and feed the cows before tasting their savory meat.

There's just something about the farm that takes you back to your roots that can't be described in words.

I encourage people of all ages to visit Sycamore Springs Farm. There's bound to be something for everyone and it'll prove to be an unforgettable experience.

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Real Food Happy Animals
By: bernie    (May 15, 2008)

Bring the kids to see the baby chicks, baby goats ducks chickens and turkeys. This small family run farm reminds me of how farming used to be.

The farmhouse still has the original log construction from the 18th century; the eggs are terrific from chickens that have a real life. I am going to ask if I can fish in their huge pond where ducks abound.

The long (orange) haired cows are unlike any American breed I have ever seen. If you live in the city you owe it to yourself to visit and see the animals in their natural settings.

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