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Our first delivery!
By: Judith Slater    (May 5, 2015)

We love our fresh, organic veggies! Have to admit that we had no idea what to expect and it is wonderful! The food tastes so fresh! Especially the strawberries!!! We wonder if there is a way to have an idea what we will get week to week to accommodate our shopping?

We challenge ourselves to use all of the food and not let anything go to waste.

We are eating vegan/vegetarian so finding a local farm that fits our diets is amazing!! Thank you Rise n Shine!!! Oh yes, we LOVE the recipes!

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By: Kim Bell    (Mar 22, 2013)

Fantastic CSA... yummy fresh fruits and vegetables! My 5 year old daughter refuses to eat the tasteless strawberries from the grocerry store, but give her a bowl of juicy sweet Rise N Shine Farm strawberries and she gobbles them up. It's amazing how much better fresh, local produce tastes. Sometimes I forget how good a homegrown tomato tastes compared to one that's been trucked accross the country!

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Good for me and good for the planet
By: Ashley Chapman    (May 13, 2011)

This is my first year, and so far I am so happy with my decision to join Rise-n-Shine. I feel so good about the food I am putting in my body. It is fresh, local, organic and seasonal. I enjoy knowing that when I am rinsing my veggies I am only rinsing off natural occurrences like dirt, not harmful pesticides. I love knowing that I can trust that my food is healthy for me and good for the planet. I am very satisfied with the food itself and the amount I get. All of my veggies, fruits and greens have been delicious and plenty. I am enjoying a wonderful salad right now completely from the farm share and it is so fresh and delicious. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to getting my produce at the grocery store.

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This is eating local at its best!
By: Becky Czarnik    (Mar 3, 2011)

Just signed up for another year with Rise and Shine! Even though last year was a tough one, I enjoyed all the pickings that were provided. This is a hard working family farm who excels in exceeding customer service. All the produce, chicken and eggs are excellent. I appreciated the added bonus of the "farmstand" where you can get additional local items (honey, beef, extra tomatoes for canning, etc) Looking forward to a great 2011.

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Becky Czarnik says:    (Mar 3, 2011)

Oops! While I'm sure this is a great place, I really meant to extol the virtures of "my" Rise and Shine Farms in Fallon, NV

Wonderful variety of food and people
By: Tess Sullivan    (Oct 2, 2010)

A wonderful, hardworking, respectable... There are not enough positive ways to describe Mitch and his farm. Keep up the good stewardship.

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Tess Sullivan says:    (Oct 2, 2010)

Oh yeah, and the food is always amazing. I would be happy to see a bug hole, though I've only seen a few, because it would represent the absence of pesticides which really do you harm.

Maybe we came during a bad year
By: Joy Williams    (Sep 27, 2010)

I was not impressed with the quality of the half share, or the quantity. Our salads were wilted 2 days after we got them, our eggplant and corn was full of bugs, our arugula was bug free but the bugs had filled it full of holes, the apples rotted before the end of the week. The veggies never lasted more than 5 days before rotting. I know it was a dry summer, but I feel like the veggies were overrated by the farm. I ended up buying most of our edible fruits and veggies at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays. The half share was skimp and once some of the veggies got left behind at the farm. I know that stuff like that happens, but when the farm says they will compensate, nothing happens. I will be looking for a different CSA next year.

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says:    (Jan 16, 2011)

This has never been my experience and I feel this comment should not go without a response. When I bring things home from the weekly pickup, I wash (if necessary), wrap in a damp towel or bag if needed, and refrigerate my produce. It generally lasts well into a 2nd week and still looks better than anything I get at the grocery store in terms of freshness. It sounds like this produce was generally left to sit on a counter after it was brought home?? There is an occasional bug lurking on a leaf (though few), but I do think that is a reflection of pesticide free produce that is delivered straight from the farm - it isn't put through a bleach-wash, etc. like many industrial farm and packaging operations would do. It was an extremely dry summer, and the output of the farm was definitely affected. However Mitch did at times add things to help compensate such as the apples which he procured from another farm. Organic corn will get "corn worms" and Mitch regularly mentioned this in his weekly letter and recommended cutting off about the top 1" of the cob which effectively got rid of the worms. This is ORGANIC produce, the increased health benefits, in my opinion, considerable outweigh the occasional worm, bug hole, etc. that dangerous pesticides would prevent. I too would like to see larger produce deliveries, but so that I could put up more produce for the winter! My husband and I take a full share and we work HARD to consume it within the week but we do cook at home almost every night, and as I am home during the day I also benefit from salads and leftovers from the produce we get as well.

We can't wait to go pick up our share every week!
By:    (Aug 27, 2010)

We have enjoyed the produce from this CSA for the past two years. There is great diversity of vegetables, some of them heirloom varieties, and fruit through the course of the 30 weeks and though we are sad to see the end of the season come along for each of the veggies, it is always fun to look forward to the new ones arriving.

There are 3 of us at home and we buy a full share (weekly pickup). We have to work hard to eat it all over the course of a week and at times we are able to put some produce into the freezer for later use.

Mitch always welcomes members to the farm so that you can see what is happening. I have been so pleased with his dedication to organic farming and it is wonderful to have local produce available like this. It continues to amaze me how long it stays fresh vs locally bought store produce. We have purchased eggs and chicken from Mitch, and the pasture raised meats and cheeses that he has available from other farmers makes for a complete experience of healthy, home-grown foods.

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Wonderful CSA
By:    (Mar 9, 2009)

I joined this CSA last year and I will definitely be back this year. The vegetable selection was wonderful with a great variety. The strawberries seemed to go on forever, I still have some frozen in my freezer!

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