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Great steaks!
By: Michelle Hall    (Jan 26, 2012)

We were very impressed with the flavor and tenderness of the steaks we purchased. I was gnawing the bone of my NY Strip. They are fantastic quality.

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Great quality!
By: Cindy Watson    (Aug 28, 2010)

I've never had grass fed beef before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I read on the internet varied from "tough and gamey" to "flavorful, but chewy". So I was really expecting it to be a big change from the CAFO beef we've been eating, but I was willing to sacrifice a little tenderness. I purchased some stew meat and sirloins from Lightning R&B Ranch, at the Capes Sausage Co. in very convenient packages for AWESOME prices! (Less than comparable CAFO cuts at my local grocery store!) I just broiled the sirloins tonight, to medium well (maybe closer to well) and warned my husband that they might be a little tougher than we were used to. HA! They were amazingly tender, and super flavorful. I was so pleasantly surprised! I can't WAIT to go back and stock up on beef and pork, they have so many cuts available in the freezer. I'm so, so, SO happy to have found this great source for amazing, sustainable, healthy meats at such great prices! Thanks!

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Quality Prroduct & Services
By: Melvin White    (Jun 26, 2010)

I was pleased to meet both Dee and Jim just a week ago. We will continue to use and recomend their services. Jim processed a hog for us and we were very suprised with the price for processing. He makes raising your own healthier meat product economic feasable. We've driven by the herd of cattle for years and have always enjoyed seeing such a wonderfully health group of cattle year round, not just in "green grass" times of the year. Old school values and craft. Hard to find anymore especially this close into Metro Atlanta.

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Best Beef - Great Ranch!
By: A. S.    (Aug 9, 2009)

My friends and I recently went to the ranch and met Dee to check out the cattle and the ranch. Dee was great - answered all of our questions and showed us the property and the cattle. What beautiful and healthy cattle! After seeing the cattle/ranch, tasting her beef (which I had previously done) and seeing what a great and generous person Dee is, I will never buy from anyone else. I keep telling everyone I know about her beef and everyone that tries it never goes back to regular beef. Not to mention....her beef is soooo incredibly inexpensive compared to other local grass-fed beef. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Best Priced Grass Fed around
By: Robin Moody    (May 20, 2008)

I go out to the processing plant (Capes), every 6 weeks. Deanna's beef is excellent, my sister and I take the drive down and stock up! I have been getting her beef four about a year now! Its good stuff and man you just can't beat that price compared to the grocery store.

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says:    (Sep 29, 2009)

Addition, I got my first half of cow from Dee recently and it was awesome! My friends and I all take turns going to get more beef every couple of months. We're hooked!

Ground beef is great
By: Carol Durusau    (Apr 22, 2008)

I purchased the meat from the Capes Sausage location in Newton County. The ground beef is lean and very tasty. I much prefer it to what I used to get in the grocery store.

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