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great local farm experience, with a few minor complaints
By: walthamgirl    (Sep 19, 2008)

Unlike many other CSAs that deliver produce to the city, Waltham's CSA is in the city itself. This makes for wonderful opportunities to walk the fields, gather wildflowers and see nature in action. The staff is wonderful, hard working and responsive. A unique aspect to this CSA is the "pick your own" area which allows members to collect their own crops. Kids just love it. This farm also has a strong social service mission, and sells heavily subsidized produced to poor communities. Hard not to admire this.

I have only a few minor complaints. The diversity of vegetables is a little bit less than I'm used to getting at other CSAs, and the total amount of produce is a little bit less as well. However, I still think the farm is a great place, and we have thoroughly enjoyed being members and being nourished by its wonderful produce.

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