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Convenient, Great Setting and Wonderful Farmers!
By: Kim Markworth    (Mar 12, 2010)

I hit the Ballston farmer's market every Friday during the summer -- and believe it or not, one or two of the farmers are still showing up in November! (I have pictures of one of them in flurries.) So grateful I could still get organic veggies in November.

The Ballston market is preferable to many others around here because of the design. All booths are set up in a circle around a large mound of grass. It's so easy to maneuver, not cramped/crammed onto a tiny spot of land, and it's not overflowing with vendors selling crafty things and clothing. It's called a farmer's market for a reason, we want to see food! On beautiful days it's fun to see the business folk lounging in the center (my fave: the guys in suits taking off their socks and shoes to stand in the grass), and the live music's a nice touch.

Stand outs for me are Walnut Hill Farm, exquisite Fleurir gourmet chocolates, and Farmhouse Flowers -- but leave my Gerber daisies alone!

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Liz M.    (Aug 25, 2009)

The honey vendor sells the best tupelo honey I've ever tasted and it's within a stone's throw of the Metro and my office so I can do my locovore thing without having to fire up the car.

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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Patricia G.    (Jun 21, 2009)

I support the Ballston Farmers Market because of the convenient location and fresh produce it offers.

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Great Flowers!
By: Airport Gal    (Jun 19, 2008)

I had a few hours to spare before heading into work, so I headed out to get some tomatoes & squash & perhaps some flowers. In the sweltering heat, I finally found a place to park, which to my surprise did not cost an arm & a leg for 45min. By the time I got there @ 2:15pm, a few farmers remained to ply there wares. Even though I caught everyone at the dregs of the day, I got what I came for and more. The highlight of my trip was a florist tent from which I purchased two large bouquettes and a small herb planter. The gentlman who helped me was very helpful and even confirmed a homeopathic remedy for migrains which I had heard of. I shall be returning tomorrow, but at an earlier time, to again purchase flowers and the oh so fresh veg! This location is devine. One can have lunch at one of the surrounding restaraunts, catch a movie and do fresh produce shopping all in one conveniently located place. Plus, the Metro is not far from this farmers market, so the guilt of driving can easily dismissed! Every proprietor during my visit was nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend partaking this ample bounty!

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