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Love the chicken and lamb sausage.
By: Sandy Gallagher    (May 24, 2009)

I regularly buy chicken from Fields of Athenry from the Midas Touch store in Berryville. The chicken is just wonderful. I can often get ours freshly butchered. You will pay more for chicken from Fields of Athenry, but I feel it is well worth the price. Just look at your chicken when you buy it... it looks fresh and healthy, not flakey and yellow like store bought chicken often is. And here is a tip... use all parts to make the price worth your while. I always get at least two meals out of one roasting chicken. In addition to the two meals, I then make stock from the left over carcus. I freeze them until I have two or three and then make a large batch of stock to freeze. So much better than anything you will buy in a box or can! Try it, you'll like it!

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