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Fabulous day for a workshare
By: Elizabeth Levin    (Feb 3, 2011)

I have done workshare for this farm in the past, and have to say that everyone there was friendly, welcoming, and knowlegable. And of course the share I received was wonderful - fresh, ripe, and delicious. And I loved knowing that anything "extra" would go straight to the foodbank. I plan to workshare again here. I even tried to get in over the past couple years as a member, but the chances are pretty tight - word of quality spreads!

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Wow! I love my farm
By:    (Jun 18, 2008)

This is my first year as a CSA member and I love it! I take whoever in my family want to go and we enjoy the drive from Annandale (25 miles). When we get there, we review the "you pick" items to see if want any of these additional items to our share portion. The "you pick" items are harvested by you, but it's fun. My daughter and I picked strawberries during a "you pick" excution. She didn't understand that strawberries were grown :-) She ate more than she picked, but now she understands why we wash them before we eat them. They grow in the DIRT! Our whole family has tried things we never knew we liked. We've had scapes and bok choy from the share we pick up weekly. When we pick up our share, the people who work there remember us and point us to where the good stuff is. Last week that was the Mulberry bush (here we go round the Mulberry bush...) and the wind tunnel for fresh spinach. My son is facinated by the grass raised cows and I'm planning on bringing my Mother In Law this weekend. We'll have a picnic and take a walk around the pastures. They want you to treat it like it's your farm. I actually call it MY farm. My sisters who live near me are now jelous of the chance I took to join in April. I told them to jump on board next year! I'm so glad I did. Then we could car pool and further decrease our footprint.

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Incredible Commitment to a healthy, equitable planet
By: Christina Chambreau    (May 19, 2008)

Though they are not in my area to use their produce, I have heard about them and heard them speak at many events. I super applaud their work and have heard good things about fun on the farm. Christina Chambreau

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