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Love them, wish for an organic option
By: Lauren Freda    (Dec 21, 2011)

Pros: Delivery! Fresh, local produce, and you fill out a short form to tell them what you'd like the most/least of: I get nothing I hate, and nothing I'm allergic to. I love that! Very nice to work with. The delivery family usually dropped things off (at work, at the front desk) unseen, but when I finally caught one she refused to take a tip. As others have noted, the baskets are gorgeous, which makes them a fantastic gift option. HUGE quantities mid-season. I got a "small" basket every other week and couldn't pawn enough off on friends and family.

Cons: no organic option, but at least they can only use USA-legal pesticides. (south american tomatoes and bell peppers can have additional nasties on them). The beginning and end of the season can be a bit pitiful with meager quantities of less flavorful produce, so plan accordingly and try not to panic if week 1 isn't all you had hoped. There were a few delivery mix-ups in the beginning, but all to air-conditioned offices that looked me up and contacted me right away, so the produce didn't suffer.

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Awesome service!
By: sheila chandler    (May 18, 2010)

I started the delivery last year and have nothing but great things to say. The variety was good and I even blanched and froze some vegetables to enjoy later. I tried new recipes based on what I received in the basket. My children looked forward to receiving the basket each week. I have raved about it so much that several co-workers plan to join this season.

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Artistic Basket of Great Fruits & Vegetables
By: Sharon S. Gries    (May 13, 2010)

Last season was our first experience and it was terrific. The convenience of the delivery was fabulous and each week was a surprise. If more unusual produce was in the basket - kohlrabi or patty pan squash - recipes or cooking suggestions were included. As with other reveiwers it forced me to be more creative - in the fall when the Concord grapes were in my basket, I made grape jelly!! The baskets were assemble like a floral arrangement!!

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Just delicious
By: Vania Smith    (May 12, 2010)

The veggies and fruit were always so lovely and fresh, and just delicious. We gorged on tomatoes in June, blueberries and cherries in August, and corn in September. It pushed us to cook more healthy meals and think about where our food came from. As with some other reviewers we found that they do not respond quickly to questions or concerns, which is something they need to work on. But that is simply an inter-personal issue. The food is amazing and well worth it!

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Take It Personally
By: Kathie Lichtenwalter    (May 12, 2010)

Each week when the basket of attractive, fresh veggies and fruit appears by my garage door--sometimes topped with a clutch of flowers or a pot of fresh herbs--I take it personally. I set it on my kitchen counter just to look at for a day or so, like someone sent me flowers. . . I love it!

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Love To Your Door
By: Razel Lerman    (May 11, 2010)

I've been very happy with To Your Door Produce Delivery. The fruits and vegetables are always fresh. They always deliver on time. They have always responded quickly to my calls or emails. The only problem I've had is that I got too much of some items that I wanted only occasionally, and they went to waste.

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Custom - Home Delivery
By: Ara Lucia    (Dec 31, 2008)

To Your Door Delivery of produce and veggies is an awesome service! They are super friendly and they even take special requests like, "I'll pass on the eggplant, please!" It is thrilling to know I am supporting the local farms, eating fresh and saving on oil. It is the best way I know to contribute to the creepy oil problem.

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I Want to Love Them
By: Magi    (Sep 1, 2008)

But after initially agreeing to deliver to us, they never followed up with the forms nor have they responded to any subsequent emails asking for the forms.

I have given up for this season. And, no, I didn't bombard them with emails. I sent two asking for the forms after receiving a mass email saying delivery would begin after the forms were submitted.

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Kathie Lichtenwalter says:    (May 12, 2010)

It's a new season. . . TRY AGAIN . . . It's worth it!

sheila chandler says:    (May 18, 2010)

Check your spam email also. For some reason some of my emails went there. I agree it is a new season and worth trying again.