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Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Linda H.    (Aug 9, 2009)

I go to at least three different Farmers Markets in DC. Wednesday it isthe Georgetown Market, Saterday it is the 14th Street Market and Sunday it is the Dupont Market. They are all wonderful. Why am I choosing the Georgetown Farmers Market because it is small and intemit. I know each vender personally, they know me. They have told me all about their farms and how they produce their food. My favorite stallis Will and Rose. Rose sells chicken eggs, I know all the chickens names. she writes them on each egg. She named one chicken after me: Lindaloo. Will sells me delicious lamb vacumed packed and frozen in very small quantites as I am a single person and do not eat a great deal of meat. Right now it is late at night and I have forgotten other names. But there is a couple who sell the most perfect vegitables, and beautiful flowers, they also sell at the Dupnt and H Street markets. The copper pot sells hoome made pasta and james and there is Orchard Farms with delicious berrie, apples, corn and sometimes home made pies. A young mother runs this stand and she brings her children with her.Everyone who lives on the east side of Georgetown comes and swe all stand around and talk and pass news of the day. It is really a very social evenmt. Oh I forgot the lady who sells the cakes too delicious.

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