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Best in Salem, well, best anywhere, really!
By:    (May 12, 2018)

LifeSource is pretty much my one-stop store for food. I don't want to spend my life reading labels, or 'bargain shopping,' so I shop at a place I trust for good food. Not just good food, but some of the best local foods available. Their produce is always excellent, and in-season, they source from local farms. (I have had the BEST strawberries on Earth! From Zorn Organic Farm in Champoeg - bought at LifeSource - Check their Facebook feed because they tell you when the good, local produce is coming in.) I like beer, and LifeSource has an amazing, ever-changing selection. They must have some kind of inside connections because they get rare and limited releases all the time - stuff nobody else can get at all! I like to grill, and I like their selection of pasture-raised beef, lamb, goat, chicken, duck eggs, crazy good! Local and fresh, I'm pretty much a fan of this store. Check out LifeSource, you won't believe such a treasure exists in Salem!

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Terrible Customer Interaction
By: Lisa Smith    (Aug 29, 2016)

I went to the deli to have a sandwich made. I asked for half a sandwich. The woman said "We don't serve the hot panini's anymore". I said "So, can I get a half sandwich". She said, "No, like I said we don't serve panini's anymore". Finally, I said, "Um! I am not sure why you keep saying "Panini", I don't want a panini". Her response very snotty - "Good, because we don't have those anymore"!!! By the time I finally got through to her that I wanted a "half" sandwich and not a "hot" sandwich, I felt so frustrated, insulted and disrespected by this "customer service deli clerk's" terrible attitude that I didn't want to shop there anymore. Not only that, she has all this stuff in her face, big rings hanging out of her nose, etc. It made me sick thinking she was making my food with this stuff hanging out of her nose. She is abrupt, rude and doesn't seem to realize that the only reason she has a paycheck coming in is because of people like me, THE CUSTOMER!!!

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says:    (Jan 2, 2017)

Hi Lisa, We apologize for your experience at LifeSource Deli. We strive for good customer service in all parts of the store, and it is disappointing to hear that we let you down. If you are willing to give us another chance, we would like to offer you something for your trouble. Please come to the customer service desk and let us make it right. -LifeSource

Matt Trickey says:    (May 12, 2018)

I don't usually get the sandwiches, I like the pizza! Goes great with my beer! There have been a few times where I ordered a sandwich, and the staff were super pleasant to me. They even included a dill pickle slice and chips for free. Of course, I always get a whole sandwich because I am a hungry man. I never saw anyone with anything on their face besides their nose. I guess I must be the lucky one!