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As Local and Family Owned as you could ever find
By: Scott Sanger    (Sep 14, 2009)

It is fall, and it is my favorite time of year at the Meadows farm. The harvest is here, and Spring, Summer and Fall are represented by a medley if fruits and vegetables spilling out into the parking lot. I have been a customer since we moved here in 1996. I do not prefer to review anything as my typing is slow, however for as much as their work produces goods for my 6 member family, I felt they have earned this. Every year we all look forward to the first lettuces in May and then feel a little sad that Halloween has come and gone, for even though we have our bushels of potatoes and assorted winter squash, Meadows will be closed until next May. That is what local food is about after all. They are open seemingly all the time when the growing season is upon us, offering all the local produce we can eat at a fair price for the quality. In the last few years things have gotten more exciting (if you get excited about fresh, picked that day vegetables), as they have been experimenting with many new vegetables. This is a place that was doing local food since before it was a movement.

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Worth the Visit
By: Jonathan Mullen    (Feb 22, 2009)

The Meadows Farm is very good if you have a hard time finding other sources for locally produced goods. The aspect that influenced me to give them a good rating is the fact that they produce exotic (rare) produce locally. If you stop by I recommend buying their Sweet Corn, It is definitely the sweetest and biggest around.

One thing that I think needs to be changed is their prices. Although their produce is very tasty, it is not always worth the high price. It is also helpful to call before you visit because their prices are constantly changing and they have VERY LIMITED HOURS OF OPERATION. Otherwise it is worth the visit.

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