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A great blessing in our lives!
By:    (Jun 7, 2015)

We joined 5 years ago, and this CSA has changed our lives.

We feel connected to our farms, our food community, and are healthier than we've ever been in our lives. We are so grateful to the community that brings us this bountiful organic AND biodynamic food each week. A big box of an assortment of things like lettuce, kale, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, blackberries, dates, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, quinoa, brown rice, bread. The diversity is amazing!

What makes this CSA stand out most is that it only works with biodynamic farms that are truly healing the land. We can not get food this nutrient dense anywhere else. I actually spent time calling farms participating with Relay Foods for example to learn about their farming practices for speciality items we don't get from this CSA - and no one comes close to what Spiritual Food for the New Millenium has found.

Thank you, thank you to our CSA for all you do and the many ways you have made our lives more meaningful and healthful.

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Exceptional CSA run by exceptional people
By: Max Montague    (Apr 10, 2013)

After talking to many farmers and extensively researching every single CSA available in the DC metro area over a few weeks and over probably 30 hours (that isn't an exaggeration), I decided that I'd go with Spiritual Food's CSA for my first CSA experience. I've been a member of this CSA for 3 months now and I couldn't be happier. I originally signed up for a prorated winter season, and now I've signed up for the full summer season. One of the most important aspects of this CSA that distinguishes it from others is that the majority of the produce provided through the primary farm is grown biodynamically, which is a type of organic farming that ensures optimum soil quality even more so than more common organic farming. This not only makes the fruit more nutritious, wholesome, and sustainably grown, it makes it far more delicious too. Aside from the majority of a week's share that comes from Kimberton farm in PA, there are other great items that come in the weekly share from other farms too. Sometimes there's fresh bread, dried fruits, citrus (from a biodynamic farm in FL) handmade pasta, legumes, oats, quinoa, rice (which comes from one of two organic rice producers in the country), and every week there have been half a dozen of the best eggs I've ever had. Aside from offering more than just basic seasonal produce, the fact that all the items I mentioned above, and many more, can be ordered in any quantity through the CSA and delivered with the weekly share make this CSA even more unique. The people who run the CSA and coordinate the availability of these high quality foods have been wonderful to work with and truly provide a great service. I always look forward to getting the email Tuesday night about what will be in Wednesday's share.

To reiterate, I was really hesitant about joining a CSA for my first time, but I really couldn't be happier. I don't have any other CSA experience to compare this to, but the share is always a good amount of food for my girlfriend and I. I'm generally a skeptical person and can usually find something wrong with just about everything, especially when it comes to food, but this CSA has consistently exceeded my expectations and I strongly urge anyone considering joining a CSA to join this one.

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Wonderful biodynamic and organic produce YEAR ROUND
By: Ingrid Bush    (Feb 11, 2013)

i have been a member of this csa for about 5 years. the csa goes to great pains to make sure each week's share provides a well-rounded offering. in addition to locally grown seasonal fruits and veggies the csa provides eggs, bread, cheese, legumes, pulses, dried fruits, and more. and it is a community effort where members feel connected to the farmers who produce their food and the other folks in the csa who share their values regarding the importance of fresh, seasonal, local produce and supporting our famers directly. since joining, i have never considered any other csa. the sincerity, care, and effort shown by the organizers is inspiring.

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