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Fun and the Right Size
By: Jen    (Feb 24, 2015)

Liked adventure of fun veggies we hadn't tried before, discovered we like turnips, kohlrabi, even got us to try beets. Most vegetables were those we love to eat and many varieties were new to us like purple potatoes and lemon cucumbers, who knew! Chose a medium size share so I didn't need to split it with my friend or have any go to waste.

Loved the big box of extras and pumpkins at the end of season when we went to the farm. Recommend all families visit the farm, we learned so much and got to dig our own potatoes.

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Old Fashioned Fresh Taste
By: Nora    (Feb 24, 2015)

The taste of their fresh new potatoes bring back memories of the old fashioned taste of the ones my dad and I used to dig when I was a kid way back during the Depression. You cannot get potatoes like this in the store! Look forward to them every year and they keep them coming, not just a one time deal.

I have never seen so many varieties of winter squash and didn't know how much different they could taste and how much I really love squash. Everything is always so fresh! I love the fresh organic fruit they offer too. My birds love their sunflower seeds.

Treasured Haven Farm's Maple Syrup is THE BEST I have ever had in my life!

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From Day One
By: Ken Harris    (Nov 14, 2013)

I am the first person outside of the Johnson family to participate in Treasure Haven Farms CSA program. I want to acknowledge the farmers, Pete, Peg, Zack and Ike for their hard work, Integrity and dedication in providing locally grown fresh vegtables, poultry, beef, and a variety of other products to my family and the other CSA members.

Since 100% their vegtables go to the CSA members(nothing is sold wholesale), the quanity and quality of the produce over the years is unsurpassed. I especially love the potates grown on the farm, the taste is the best I have ever had.

Thank you Treasured Haven Farm for another successful year! I will be back next year and I am also looking to participate in the the various trail runs you are having in 2014. It is always fun to visit the farm.

See you next year,

Ken Harris

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We are converts to CSA and have a CSA baby!
By: Amy Harrison    (Nov 13, 2013)

We heard about CSA's through some friends and clients over the years, but never joined one until 2 years ago, and we are SO glad we did! We had quite a few recommendations to Treasured Haven Farm from clients so we decided to join that CSA. Our family was in a transition of getting away from SAD (standard American diet) and eating much healthier.

We have loved every single box we have received...It has been like opening a surprise present every week, wondering what is inside. And every week we are excited to see it full.. and in peak season...overflowing...with beautiful and yummy selection of farm fresh, picked that morning, organic bounty. Yum! I am hungry just thinking about it!

We have ordered the large family box weekly both years, and the every other week large fruit box both years, and this year I added the extended season veggies and a fresh turkey. The value for what we get and the quality is fantastic. There is absolutely NO WAY we could buy this fresh or this quality at our local store. It is the only way we will ever buy produce in the summer and fall again. I just wish our growing season was longer in MN!

I am especially excited about the extended season boxes we are receiving because not only am I able to stock our freezer and root cellar with our bounty but now I am able to have fresh organic homemade baby food for our new addition to our family. You see we were a family of 5 desperatly trying for the last 7 years to add to our home another baby. Nothing we tried helped us get pregnant and we had all given up when I found out 3 months into our 1st year of our CSA we were pregnant! We believe 100% it was because of our healthy organic change of eating! You can not eat healthier or fresher than farm grown organic! Our DR agreed that was what my body needed! I shared our story wih many others and I was surprised to hear about so many other CSA babies out there....Wow, who knew? I wish I would have done this sooner! Anyway, we have a beautiful baby girl who is starting to eat solids next month when she turns 6 months and I will be feeding her squash, potatoes, pears and peaches all homemade all from our CSA boxes that I have frozen for her!

We love Treasured Haven farm! We have and will continue to recommend them to all of our friends, family, clients and my husbands patients in his clinic! Peg and Pete are wonderful along with their boys and truly make you feel part of the family. The boxes are very affordable and as the season grows they get fuller and fuller until overflow! At the end of the season each year we are all invited out to the farm to pick out our pumpkins and decorative gourds and corn stalks and fill our box ourselves with our favorites. Our kids look forward to this and love going. We are always invited all season and we hope to take them out there to help with picking produce next summer! What a great family experiance!

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