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Seriously lacking
By:    (Aug 25, 2015)

This crop share was a complete waste of money. The selection was incredibly lacking. The produce generally wasn't fresh. They were inconsistent - items you would expect to be abundant just weren't there. Communication from the woman in charge was poor at best. Many excuses were given for the lack of produce and the condition of what we did get. But after speaking with friends of mine doing other local CSAs - things just didn't add up. I would recommend going with another crop share unless you like flushing money down the toilet.

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Marjorie Satterlee says:    (Sep 6, 2015)

I have tried to explain things to this man but he only thinks explanations are excuses. It has been a hard year for all the farmers I know . None of our produce has been old but he evidently dose not understand what hot dry temperatures do to produce. He is the only one of my group that has any complaints and all of my regulars are signing back up for another year. I am so glad that for the most part people do understand the problems with weather and insects. I have already said that I was adding several free weeks for this group in hopes that the cooler temperatures of fall will give us better fall crops than what the summer has. If he wants perfect produce than possibly he should stick to the chemical infested stuff the stores provide him.

A Great CSA Experience
By: Linda Smith    (Nov 17, 2014)

We have been part of this CSA for the last 5 years. The fruits and vegetables that we've received during this time have been high quality and delicious. Margie has been extremely flexible when we requested substitutions on the weeks we didn't need something. Being predominantly chemical-free is a major reason for our continued membership also. We enjoy seeing Margie and her husband each week at the farmer's market and appreciate her helpfulness with new ideas on preparing that week's bounty.

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Enjoyable CSA
By:    (Nov 17, 2014)

We have enjoyed this CSA for the past two years. This year, we had a lot of family issues arise which made cooking the vegetables more challenging than last. We love the fruit selection, and look forward to it each year. The veggies are also diverse, but can be more challenging to fit in. All in all, it is a good CSA that we will continue to enjoy.

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Not exactly what I expected...
By: Peter Yu    (Oct 23, 2010)

This was our first time doing a CSA, and I would not recommend any CSA unless you do farmers market frequently and want to focus on one farm. We were not in the habit of going to the farmers market, and there were certainly days that we didn't feel like going.

Any farm or experienced home gardener should be really good at tomatoes, and we were surprised not to get tomatoes some weeks in July and August, when they should be very abundant. Throughout the summer, I never found that their tomatoes had that great smell, and they were no better than the grocery store.

I agree with the previous reviewer that this farm was heavy on apples and pears in the fall, and I would have expected more corn, squash, zucchini during the year.

The highlight of this year was one canteloupe, which was awesome, but the following week, it was not very good. The disappointment was the garlic scape, which we found to be overrated. One suggestion would be to have squash blossoms, which I have heard so much about.

Next year, we will go a-la-carte to several farm stands, and if one resonates with us, we would do CSA again. These folks were nice enough, but not exactly outgoing. Didn't feel that connection.

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Excellent experience!
By: Christine Carstens    (Sep 30, 2010)

This was our first experience with a CSA. My neighbor told me about it, and signing up was easy. I thought the $400 for the 18 weeks was VERY reasonable (came to just over $22/wk), and the amount of food was GREAT! This was a great way to get my family introduced to new fruits and vegetables. (Who knew my daughter would LOVE beets?) The food was very fresh, and the Mt Airy Farmer's Market location was a good option for me. Marjie was wonderful with advice on how to cook or prepare the veggies I'd asked her about. I will definitely sign up again next year!!!

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loved the experience
By: jane    (May 17, 2009)

We're on our 3rd year with Pheasant Hill CSA and we love it. It is wonderful that this CSA has so much fruit, especially at the end of the season. The peaches are the best I have ever had in my life, and the pears are fantastic.

We are a family of six who loves fruit and veggies, and the full share is a good amount for us. I love the surprises every week and the challenge it offers to cook something new. Because of this CSA, I have learned that I love fresh cauliflower, beets, and rhubarb, which I had never eaten much before. I even learned how to make delicious veggie soup to use up all that kale! That soup is great to pull out of the freezer in mid-winter.

A CSA is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!

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By:    (Oct 20, 2008)

This was my first time participating in a CSA. I'm single, so I split my share with a friend. The season started off so slow, we e-mailed other CSA members at the Wheaton drop off to find out if our expectations were too high. The season was supposed to end in November, but we were told when we picked up our produce towards the end of September that it was the last pick up. No prior notice was given. We would've liked to have known during the week what produce might be available at a weekend pick up. I realize farmers aren't always able to control what's going to be available before the growing season gets started, that they take their best guess. But Pheasant Hill didn't come close to having the vegetables they listed and except for the height of the growing season, splitting a share ended up not being enough. We got lettuce once, lima beans once, no greens except for one small bunch of spinach. Towards the end of the summer, there was an overabundance of apples and pears, but little else. My friend and I are committed to CSA and will participate again, but not with Pheasant Hill Farms.

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Marjorie Satterlee says:    (Dec 30, 2010)

This market only runs for 18 weeks and it ends in October. All CSA'S are only 18 weeks no matter how long we are at them. Kentlands is the only one that we are at into November.