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Huge variety, not always clear what you're getting
By: Barbara Reskin    (May 20, 2013)

Tiny's delivered on time with a substantial volume and variety of fresh food. The staff was quite helpful. However, the variety was so great that at least half the stuff we got we had never seen before and didn't know how to prepare. Tiny's included a list of the items they included in some--but not all--of the bags they delivered each week, but it was often impossible to figure out exactly what we got. We tried new things, but often ended up giving away stuff that we couldn't figure out how to cook and simply didn't like. Lots and lots of varieties of eggplants and apriums, e.g.

More than once I had to call and try to find out something was, and the nice person who answered the phone couldn't figure it out either. Each delivery included recipes, but those recipes called for a large number of ingredients that weren't included in the delivery so to use the ingredient included in the delivery you would have had to buy a half a dozen ingredients that weren't household staples.

Another problem (perhaps inherent to CSAs) is that we never knew what we were getting until late afternoon on delivery day, so it was hard to shop efficiently. And we had no idea what to plant in our garden.

Finally, items were usually fresh but not always always top quality. Our tomatoes were far better than theirs, for example. In short, we liked the idea of Tiny's, but were disappointed in the reality. Maybe we're too conventional in our diets, although we eat mostly fruit and vegetables. People with more time to cook detailed recipes with what we viewed as esoteric ingredients might love it. This year we're trying a different CSA (and have expanded our garden). It's a great idea, but requires the right match.

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Tiny's are huge FIVE stars
By: Tania Scutt    (Nov 14, 2008)

The quality and variety of this produce is amazing and the whole service was faultless in my first CSA year. Two years ago I used them with their old business model of home delivery, which I was expecting to miss but this is just as good. Luckily the local drop off spot is very convenient for me.

I award FIVE stars to TIny's and talk them up whenever I can. I'm signing up again any day now. Can't wait until June for the first red bag, groaning with good stuff.

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