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By: Cheryl Demko    (Dec 8, 2020)

Very disappointed with this farm. I was very excited to join both the vegetable and meat CSA's this past season. When you enter the farm stand area it looks amazing. What I received in my bag was not. I received a poor variety, poor quantity and the quality seemed like last weeks unsold goods. Constantly Inconsistent. Posted CSA board looked great, but was always incorrect, not having time to update from last week,, or whoops we ran out that. I asked about yellow watermelon during a pick up and couldn't believe I was quoted $30.00( Ridiculous Watermelon!) The Meat CSA sadly was no better. The few steaks received you couldn't chew even after marinating for several hours. Sausage and bacon were heavily spiced. Chicken was meh, never received lamb. Packaging had little information w/ no weights ,so you didn't really know what was in the package until you unsealed it, making planning difficult.

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Don?t waste your money
By: Charu Katira    (Oct 10, 2020)

I am so disappointed in the Ox Hollow Farm share I subscribed to this summer. Their web page said a full share gets ?Approximately 2 heaping grocery bags full of produce each week (approximate value $34 weekly)?. Well that?s total BS. At the peak of the season, when I got the biggest quantities, the share was not even worth $20! $25 at the most for a few weeks in the middle of summer! They?re overpriced and they definitely do not give their CSA members top priority. I often saw measly portions in my full-share bag while their table was full of veggies they would sell to other customers. In the beginning I tried to complain about it and was told it will pick up later. That happened for two or three weeks. Then the quantities went back to being paltry.

Don?t waste your money.

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By:    (Aug 8, 2018)

mark has some of the best meats i have eaten --it has been a litttle while and time to get more at the stand---i have only tried beef but i truly think its well worth paying a little extra for the quality

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Delicious meat!
By:    (Jul 5, 2009)

We are enjoying all your meats. We are one by one working our way through the cuts of meats you have available, and it is true that your pasture fed, antibiotic & hormone free meat tastes worlds better than meat from the supermarket. We are thrilled to have found you at the Darien & New Canaan farmer's markets and look forward to our next delicious meal! Thank you for all your hard work for our yummy meals.

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