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Great farm, crazy prices for fresh turkeys
By: George May    (Nov 22, 2012)

Fox Hollow Farm in Gaithersburg is a pretty nice place. The owners are very nice people and are willing to show you around and let you see how they run their farm. However, we got a fresh turkey this year for the first time and boy were we in for a surprise. We haven t cooked it yet (in about 8 hours we will be), but that s not what I m talking about. We had to put a $10.00 deposit down in May or June when the turkeys were just chicks. So, I figured we d pay a little more than in the grocery store, but we were in for a shock. When I picked the bird up the other day it was really fresh (slaughtered just hours before). When they rang me up I heard $27.00 more, so $37.00 for a locally raised organic bird I thought I could deal with. When I got the receipt and saw that the woman said $77.00 I almost passed out. $87.00 was over the top. I almost went back in and told them to put the feathers back on and take their turkey back. Anyway, here s hoping this is the best dang turkey ever. The dog won t be getting a bite and I told my kids if any of it hits the floor, pick it up and eat it. Just be warned...

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Wonderful little farm
By: Patti Cochran    (Apr 17, 2010)

I love to stop there on my way home. The eggs, butter & goat cheese are wonderful. Everyone is invited to wonder around and see what is there.

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Worth the visit!
By: Christiana Paul    (Dec 28, 2008)

We stop at Fox Hollow Farm often for fresh eggs, fruit & veggies and goat meat. Everything is always super fresh and delicious. The family is wonderful and very welcoming. Children are encouraged to walk down to the barn to visit with the animals - always a special treat. There are often baby goats, chickens and sheep. I would highly recommend a visit if you're in the area.

Christiana Paul Washington D.C.

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