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Love the french bread and cheese!!
By: Kate M    (May 22, 2015)

Fun commuter market, lovely location in the courtyard across from the King St METRO station.

I am super in love with the french bread vendor - you have to try their apricot tart! Along with wonderful feta cheese (creamy) --some salad fixings -- we had a great dinner on Thursday.

Fresh cut flowers, cookies, pralines I saw a pesto vendor (that's next week dinner on Thursday!)

This is a small market 10-12 vendors, but high quality products.

Must try the happy hour at the hotel one day.

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Great local market!
By: Trey Hanbury    (Aug 18, 2009)

I live a few blocks from this market and have watched it grow over the last two years. The market managers are selective about who sells produce at the market with a special emphasis on locally grown produce from owner-vendors and a preference for organic produce. As a result, the quality is outstanding. It's also extremely helpful to know that the vendors are deeply involved in the growing process and not just someone who has trucked the produce from the countryside to the market. The market occassionally has had music or other performances. And with its proximity to the King Street Metro, its accessibility is great. Finally, they have a ban on selling crafts like beads, painted frames, crochet and the like. The lack of crafts at the market may be a negative for some, but as someone who really wants to focus on food over knickknacks, it's a welcome relief!

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Great Neighborhood Asset
By: Linda Bankerd    (Jul 31, 2009)

There are not very many vendors and the hours are very limited, but still this market is a great place to go. I just make sure to incorporatre a quick trip on Wednesday afternoons to coordinate with whatever produce needs I have. The quality and freshness of the produce are excellent; the prices are reasonable, in come cses a real bargain, such as is a head of cabbage for $1.00. The merchants are friendly and accommodating. I would like to see more whole grain breads with a frim crust and it really would be nice to collect all your purchaces and pay at one place with a credit card.

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Delicious and Convenient
By: Aimee Houghton    (Jul 31, 2009)

I live only a few blocks from this market and love that is is held on Wednesdays so I can re-stock on fresh local foods. The produce is wonderful and the specialty vendors have very tasty prepared foods. The merchants couldn't be nicer.

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Pick up something for dinner
By:    (May 3, 2009)

Usually stop by after work to pick up some bread, cheese, and fruit to go with dinner. Conveniently located near the King Street Metro Station; tables nearby to enjoy a snack with a friend.

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