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Very glad we did this!
By: Brian Sullivan    (Nov 21, 2011)

We split a veggie and an egg share with another family for the 2011 Summer and Autumn seasons, and were delighted with the experience. I feel like we lucked out by finding Tikvat Israel, for many reasons. The produce was amazing: fresh, tasty, and in terrific variety. I grew to love Calvert Farm's "Random Acts of Veggies" that meant a surprise would be in the box. The community was very organized and prepared a wonderful CSA newsletter each week. I also feel that I learned quite a bit about Jewish culture from these hospitable neighbors.

So many great veggies meant we ate healthier, the fridge stayed stocked from week-to-week with just a five minute pickup (this is the most convenient way to get quality produce into your life) and we learned to explore new foods. We did get tired of seeing fresh corn during summer, and there are a lot of squashes and pumpkins in the house I haven't quite got to cooking yet--but the lesson I didn't learn until a bit late was to freeze and can. I'll know next year.

Eggs are fresh and tasty. They were brown eggs, varied in size from medium to jumbo but tended to be large, and were a bargain. We learned that you need to let fresh eggs age a bit in the fridge if you want to hard-boil them.

The volunteer commitment for the CSA is light and well-organized. A bonus is that Tikvat Israel has refrigerators to store items that don't get picked up on time, making it easier to get out of Dodge when the last shift ends.

We will be back!

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Great experience - both the food and the community
By: Dalit Baranoff    (Jan 21, 2009)

My family joined the CSA last year for both the spring/summer and fall seasons. We also received a dozen eggs every week. (The eggs are produced by free-range hens who have been specially segregated from the roosters just for our group - so the eggs won't be fertilized and rendered non-kosher).

I enjoy cooking and the variety of fresh vegetables (some of which I had never bought before) gave me the opportunity to discover wonderful new recipes -- many of them shared by other CSA members. I never knew I liked swiss chard before last summer, and now it is one of my favorite vegetables. Once the fall season ended I really missed getting the box every week.

In addition, I participated in a number of "community" events sponsored by the CSA, including helping to prepare a Shabbat lunch (where the farmer spoke) and a cooking class, both using ingredients from the farm.

I have visited Calvert Farm twice and I am very impressed with the way Pam farms.

I would recommend this CSA to everyone!

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Hooray for TI CSA
By: amy m    (Jan 16, 2009)

I tried TI CSA for the first time in the fall. I thought my family (some very picky eaters) might not like the new veggies I would bring home and cook. Well, I loved the new veggies (kholrabia was my favorite) and so did my family. Ok, the pickiest didn't try some of the choices but it was his loss.

I liked being part of the fall CSA and can't wait for the new season to begin. Pick up is convenient and quick. The newsletter is great and everyone shares ideas on how to prepare the crop of the week.

I am so glad I gave this a try and we will continue to use the TI CSA.

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By: Marsha Fabel    (Jan 16, 2009)

What a great experience. I am not usually adventurous with trying new foods, but I found many new "favorites" this past year. The veggies and fruits were always fresh, clean and healthy. I was surprised to be tempted by so many new things. Kohlrabi--who knew?

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Tikvat Israel's CSA is great.
By: Deborah Berlyne    (Jan 16, 2009)

I subscribed to Tikvat Israel's CSA last spring, summer, and fall. I loved the variety and quality of the fruits and vegetables. I used the CSA's weekly newsletter to get tips and recipes for cooking some of the vegetables I'd never tried before (such as kohlrabi, which I now love!). I had to do a lot more cooking than I usually do to use up each week's share, but I enjoyed trying new recipes and found several techniques that I could use for different veggies and that were pretty easy. The pick up was very convenient (and reliable--someone was always there when they were supposed to be).

Although my husband and I have two teenaged daughters, one wasn't home for most of the CSA season and the other doesn't eat most vegetables. We were able to use up our whole share every week, although this often required freezing some of the things we made. But that's not a bad thing because it allows us to enjoy our CSA produce all year long.

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