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I am SO excited for Shared Harvest CSA
By: Meghan Whiteawalt    (Sep 24, 2017)

I love, love love this CSA! And am sooooo excited that it is that time of year again. Amazingly fresh veggies PLUS options to pick up just what you need - like mushrooms, LOCAL flour, maple syrup, and beans.

I LOVE that this helps many different farms. So efficiently packed and ready for pickup. 2 couples split one share, there is so much food in each one. I cannot wait for October 18 :).


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Jane Hammer says:    (Apr 8, 2018)

Thank you Meghan, for this review and for being part of Shared Harvest! We will run pretty much the same again this coming year, starting Oct. 21! Signup for discounted early bird is on now : )

Wonderful CSA
By: kathy heffernan    (Feb 19, 2014)

I would highly recommend this CSA to everyone. The products are very high quality. The communication from Jane was very helpful; she even included photographs of the vegetables. Extras were of the highest quality too. Pick-up was timely and well organized.

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Winter abundance!
By: Cristie Rrrrr    (Oct 22, 2013)

The boxes and bags we get once a month for 3 months from Shared Harvest are amazing. There are plenty of greens and many storage veggies too. Delicious extras are offered too- cheeses, honey, apples, maple syrup. It definitely keeps us eating healthy throughout the dark winter months.

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Our fourth year, and going strong!
By:    (Feb 25, 2013)

The first two years, we split a three-month share with another family. Last year, we got the two-month share. Everything is always fresh and delicious, and the root veggies store for months in the garage. The wide variety of veggies prompts me to try new recipes, which always leads to new family favorites.

Our family is happy to support local farmers!

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Big shares, good stuff
By: Jon Doyle    (Feb 10, 2013)

I've been been a pleased Shared Harvest customer for 3 years now. The shares are fairly large; one share covers 4 people quite well in my experience. The quality and variety of produce is great, too. As others mentioned, there are plenty of foods you may not have bought in the market. That encourages one to be more adventurous in cooking/eating habits, and I've developed storage/preserving skills.

The local farms that supply Shared Harvest are superb growers. They are Riverland, Cider Hill, and Picadilly Farm.

The operation of the CSA is pretty smooth; you pay ahead, pickup your produce, and there are optional extra items you can order in advance (cheese, apples, maple syrup, etc). Brief weekly emails keep you informed of ordering deadlines and what you got in your share.

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Winter bounty
By: Sarah Garlington    (Jan 11, 2010)

This is the second year I have shared a Shared Harvest Winter CSA share with friends/housemates. It's amazing how much variety we can continue to get even as the temperatures drop! Each pickup included a range of fresh greens, carrots, lettuce, beets, and other fresh veggies in addition to the expected root vegetables and onions. We also opted to get extra apples and maple syrup to last for awhile. It can be overwhelming to get it all at once. We split two shares between five people. And consuming the fresh stuff before it turns can dictate your diet more than some people are comfortable with. I find that it pushes me to eat and cook creatively. And when you get tired of something you still have a ton of, you can always trade it with a neighbor who has a lot of something you still crave! I know some of my co-share owners were not as optimistic as I was that we would not waste some of our fruits and vegs. But we managed very well (no wasted vegs) and still have a store of vegetables not even close to going bad. I highly recommend having a CSA share year round (as much as possible). It definitely takes time and adjusting your eating, but it's also fun.

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2009 Shared Harvest CSA review
By: Kelly Marino    (Jan 9, 2010)

This is the second year my family has participated in the Shared Harvest winter CSA. My only disappointment with the CSA is that there are only 3 distributions!

We participate in a number of CSAs and appreciate how smoothly this one is run, including quick pick ups on distribution day and the opportunity to find a ride share.

Of course, the best part is the food. The wonderful, incredibly fresh, and delicious local vegetables are the highlight of the share. Gretta uses the resources of various local farms to put together a very diverse box of food each month. There are plenty of staples such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, onions, garlic, and carrots. There are tasty root vegetables such as turnips, rutabagas, and parsnips. Plus, the share includes fresh winter greens and a few more exotic veggies like celeriac, fennel, heirloom radishes. The early distribution included apples and dried beans were offered with each share. The amount of produce we got with each share lasted almost a month (two veggie loving adults and 1 small child)

Another nice feature is the Shared Harvest blog which Gretta keeps updated with useful storage tips, cooking ideas, and links to other sources for recipes.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to eat locally into the early part of the winter and look forward to signing up again for the 2010 season.

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Shared Harvest CSA 2009
By: Marie Duprey    (Jan 8, 2010)

This was our first year participating in the Shared Harvest Winter CSA and we are so happy we did! My husband and I make all of our food from scratch and love to know that our food didn't travel too far, didn't cost too much in fuel, refrigeration and transportation and supported local farmers. And we've never eaten so well!

Gretta runs a wonderful operation with great participating farms and helpful, fun and friendly volunteers. She offers links to resources on how to store your produce as well as great recipe sites! We signed up for the 3 shares and it will feed us (2 veggie friendly adults) through more than half the winter. We eat a lot of vegetables, and I'm happy to hunt for new recipes and innovative ways to use some of the foods we were unfamiliar with (celeriac and salad turnips). This share is definitely for people who enjoy eating the good hearty seasonal fall and winter crops that our New England soil produces.

The pickups are incredibly organized and well-staffed. The boxes have come brimming with green and purple cabbages, delicious sweet carrots, onions, leeks, garlic, squashes, potatoes, turnips, beets, sweet potatoes, wonderful heads of crisp fall lettuce, spinach, kale and more! We've learned to pop popcorn fresh off the dried stalk, grate crisp salad turnips to top off our salads with delicious flavor, roast beets in maple syrup for a treat no one could resist!

We've learned to be resourceful with storage, thanks to Gretta's info. sheets and now know that all the carrots, turnips, parsnips, cabbages, etc., store great in coolers in our bulkhead, the squashes and sweet potatoes do great on shelves under the basement stairs, the onions like a cool spot near a basement window and the greens store well in the fridge. We've had the chance to buy extras like apples that still tasted fresh and delicious after Christmas, local maple syrup, beans for soups and hearty meals, enough garlic to last the winter, cheeses and additional root crops. This is a great way to learn about the abundance and nourishment of eating locally and coming together with community to feed ourselves and each other.

We are so glad we've found this CSA and become a part of this community!

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