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Go see for yourself!
By: Anne M.    (Dec 31, 2013)

This is a fantastic local source for ethically raised meat and eggs....if that's important to you. It is to our family. (The little red potatoes are a personal favorite.) It's definitely not a chain grocery store and that's a good thing in my opinion. The large corporate food supply chains have become more compromised in recent years. While they still have a place in our overall food shopping, there are certain items that we have personally chosen to "upgrade" whenever possible for not only ethical reasons, but sad to say, health and safety as well. The little stand on Powder Springs Road and surrounding acreage where some of the veggies are grown is not their main farm, in my understanding. The owners are warm, friendly, make visitors feel comfortable, and are more than fair.

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Wonderful Grass-Fed Beef
By: debbie hill    (Jan 26, 2011)

I am a former vender at Marietta Square Farmer's Market and have done business with the Brays - they have great produce and grass-fed beef. Very nice family, their boys help with the farm and farmer's market as well. Yes, as the person who posted before me said, we could all go to Kroger, it would be "cheaper" but that's not what it's all about, really. Personally, I would think Whole Foods/Harry's would be a better choice? At any rate, the Brays work hard growing and I believe that a person should not insinuate something they don't know to be a fact! Perhaps Kroger is the best place for you, really!

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Or you could go to Kroger...
By:    (Jan 25, 2011)

We were disappointed just about every week with this CSA and found ourselves looking forward to it ending. Each week promised the same tired veggies -green beans, maybe some squash, some flavorless tomatoes, maybe a pepper, some potatoes, and that was about it. We weren't convinced that the 'farmers' were growing the food because we often saw what looked like scars of commercial harvest.

It was a bummer to pick up from their farmer's market stand because the produce was of a wider variety and looked fresher.

This is our second farm as our first farmer stopped doing a CSA in favor of selling his produce commercially.

Maybe they would be good for eggs or meat, I dunno. We won't waste our money again. I could get the same quality from Kroger for half the price or less.

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Andy Bray says:    (Mar 28, 2011)

We always strive to make our customers happy. If someone has a problem with our products, we are more than happy to work out a solution. However, we cannot do this unless we know they are not satisfied. This person never informed us that there was a problem or he/she would have received replacement products or a refund, as appropriate. We are disappointed that we were not given the opportunity to "make it right" with this customer. Our boxes always contain a variety of fresh, healthy home-grown vegetables in quantities that usually exceed what was ordered.

Great chicken and eggs!
By: Stefanie G    (Jan 5, 2011)

I have regularly purchased eggs from this family at farmers' markets, and periodically I would also call ahead and arrange to buy whole chickens, and chicken livers, gizzards, etc. They are a very nice family with excellent products for a fair price!

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Bray Family Farms
By: Gretchen Musser    (Aug 14, 2009)

I, too, was able to join a small group to tour the Bray Family Farms on August 13, 2009. Both Andy and Nancy were so gracious. You could tell they truly enjoyed their life and loved all their animals. It's a great example of how to develop a small farm (under 20 acres) and make a wonderful living while being kind to the ecosystem. Their produce is great and I've had the chance to purchase the grass-fed beef as well, which was a real treat.

While feeding the four pigs some watermelon, Andy generously offered the treat to us, too!

It would be a wonderful fantasy fulfilled to see other small farms take the place of some of these abandoned and foreclosed-on properties which were slotted for development.

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Great Local Farm
By: carol bright    (Jul 4, 2009)

If you live in the Cobb County GA area, you will be thrilled to partake of the great produce that comes from the Bray Family Farm. To make this an even better investivment for your family's table they offer true free range chickens. I had the opportunity of getting chickens from their first processing and was amazed by the great flavor and wonderful broth that came from roasting these chickens. There was very little fat in the broth - just yummy goodness!. When we picked up our chickens Andy and Nancy Bray were so hospitable and my daughter and grandchildren were given the grand tour of the farm. We gathered our own eggs, and saw where and how all of the animals were kept and raised

My family is making an investment in our local economy as well as enriching our table with food that has not traveled thousands of miles, been sprayed with chemiclals or animals that have been raised in inhumane ways and fed antibiotics and hormones.

I have recommended Andy and Nancy's farm to all of my friends.

You will find Anyd and nancy Bray and their sons at the Marietta Squarel Poweder Springs and Smyrna Farmers Markets.

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