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Best food in Chicago land and beyond.
By: Matt ulery    (Jan 26, 2016)

It's 2016 and this will be our 8th year as Radical Root Farm CSA members. We've been with them since the beginning and they have consistently produced the best produce and eggs we have ever eaten. Seriously. Alex and Alison care deeply about the food they grow and help guide you with the ingredients if you need some inspiration. You can expect a wide variety of colorful, nutrient and flavor packed vegetables rotating seasonally (about 8-10 different items in each box) every week and they always take extra care of the CSA members. This is also a great source of creative limitation for cooking. Full season membership is highly recommended.

Thanks for helping us thrive! Matt and Devin Ulery

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I love Radical Root!
By: Emma Tai    (Sep 4, 2012)

This is my third year with the Radical Root CSA and I've been really happy with the experience.

My partner and I split the box with another couple and it is just enough veggies to get us through the week. Alex and Alison are extremely friendly, helpful and accessible and do a great job of putting together community events for CSA subscribers (like an annual harvest potluck), weekly emails with suggested recipes and updates from the farm, and ongoing volunteer opportunities. That extra effort really makes us feel like we are a part of the farm community--even though we almost exclusively just eat the fruits of their labor :)

The vegetables themselves are delicious and come in great and exciting varieties. I've learned how to prepare lots of new vegetables and Alex and Alison are very receptive to feedback from year to year (and even mid-season) about what they should grow more or less of.

Being a CSA member also gets you a great discount on the produce at their stand, which is terrific for buying starts for your own garden in the spring and extra tomatoes in the late summer.

Highly recommended!

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What a Gift!
By: Bradly Burke    (Jan 31, 2011)

What can I say about Radical Root Farm but ....thank you. I have been trying to take my family of four on a journey to more organic and locally sourced food for the last couple years, and I feel so blessed to have become connected to Radical Root. The produce and service provided by Radical Root has helped me to bring new tastes, textures, and variety in a healthy way....and we can feel good in the process to boot! The variety provided by Radical Root has helped me to expand my culinary skill set, but also taken my family's dining habits in bold, new and healthy directions. My eight year old son has been asking for the kale soup recipe I made after receiving one of Radical Roots boxes regularly, and who would have thought a three year old would be asking when we would get more daikon radishes. We love receiving the box each week and making a plan as a family of our next culinary adventure. As I write this in the dreary depth of an Illinois January, my mouth is watering of the coming season and the gifts from Radical Root Farm.

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We love the Radical Root CSA
By: Peggy Shearn    (Jan 30, 2011)

We have subscribed to Radical Root Farm's CSA for two years now: the boxes are always packed with loads of the most tasty vegs we have ever encountered. Not only has my non-veggie loving husband started eating new foods and appreciating the taste and texture of what the Radical Rooters provide, but a super-cook friend of mine, who is a long-time subscriber to another CSA (which shall remain nameless), was singing the praises of the fabulous greens we got from RR when she saw them, saying they were far superior to the greens they were used to getting!

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simply the best
By: Pauline Dessler    (Jan 29, 2011)

I was already a convert to organic produce AND CSAs when I joined the Radical Root CSA two years ago, so I was prepared to like what they were growing and be happy to be a part of it for all kinds of reasons. Even so, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of their produce. Getting my weekly box of veggies from Radical Root is like getting a crispy, delicious, aromatic and culinarily-inspiring Christmas gift every week from June through late fall. The variety of produce is incredible--from delectable lettuces of all kinds to hearty kales and Swiss chard to purple, yellow and green onions, celery, radishes, and potatoes, etc. THEN the boxes begin to provide tomatoes--again, all kinds--and the heirlooms in particular made my toes curl. Finally, we get to the fall with the squash, which led me to a butternut squash bisque I have dreams about. And Radical Root is such a dream to communicate with--They have a large booth at Logan Square Farmers' Market during the CSA season where some folks pick up their boxes and they are always so welcoming and knowledgable. I can't say enough good things about Radical Root Farm except that I can't wait until I start getting boxes again!!!!

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