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Liz's Worms
By: Darla Gips    (Mar 11, 2014)

I ordered the worm kit from big Tex Worms. Watched the Worm class that is a bonus with purchase several times and got my bucket ready for the worms. I wasn't disappointed. The information provided both with the kit and from the classes is very useful. Liz makes it so easy to start your composting worms it isn't even funny. Seriously - you just put the worms in the bucket and you're done.

The 0-60 day timeline is up on my refrigerator and is super easy to follow. She lays it all right out for you. Day 1-3 you do this, at 14 days you do this - and on and on. Super educator about the worms - and I'm looking forward to being able to divide my bin in the next couple of months and use the castings in my garden.

Sure would recommend purchasing from Big Tex Worms because you really get more than you pay for. She wants you to succeed and if you follow her guidelines, you can't help but be successful.

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Liz is Amazing!
By: Janet Weeks    (Mar 1, 2014)

Liz is a great educator. She offers so much training and is willing to share her knowledge with all of us. Wonderful customer service and on-going support to all. Very quick to respond to all of our questions.

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my compost worms came in a very pretty bag.
By: Joan Smith    (Feb 24, 2014)

I bought a starter bag of worms from Liz at Big Tex Worms. They arrived on time in very good condition with complete instructions. I have had them 2 months and they seem to be thriving. It was a nice surprise to open the box and find the worms in a pretty polka dot bag.

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