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Worth Every Penny
By: Dana Sir    (May 4, 2012)

We joined Hazon CSA at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades last year for the first time. What we received every week was more than we imagined! Totally worth it! Every thing is fresh and you can really taste the difference. Our family looked forward to every Tuesday to see what we brought home. It was a great experience for our children as well to taste new vegetables. We cannot wait for it to begin again.

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Great veggies
By: Gisela O'Connell    (May 1, 2012)

I agree with all the reviews I have read so far. This is my third year as a CSA member. We had the occasion to meet the farmer himself and I was impressed with his dedication and intelligence. I am looking forward to another season of wonderful organic veggies, fruit and eggs.

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FRESH vegetables
By: Jennifer Saal    (May 1, 2012)

Everything is incredibly fresh and lasts in your fridge forever. (I never realized how long supermarket produce must spend in transit before it gets to the store until i saw how long the salad greens from the farm lasted.) and everything had FLAVOR. It's almost like an onion from the farm is a completely different plant from an onion from the store. Looking forward to another good year :)

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Money well spent
By: Barbara Denson    (Apr 30, 2012)

I love being a part of the CSA and knowing who my farmer is, how the food is grown and being able to support local, organic agriculture right here in our area.

And WOW, can you taste the difference in the food! It makes whatever you can buy in the grocery store a poor substitute.

This is my third year participating with the Hazon CSA at the JCC and I hope to continue for many years.

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A life changing experience
By: Rachel Kugelmass    (Apr 30, 2012)

My husband and I were first-time CSA participants in 2011. We were thrilled. The produce was unbelievable, both in variety and in quality. At the end of the season, we tried to list everything we had received and lost count at over 40 different kinds of produce. Every week was an adventure in cooking, as we sought out new recipes to try. In addition to farm updates, we also received storage tips and recipes from the farmers. The two of us had a full share and it was more than ample for our produce needs. The salad greens were delicious and we found it difficult to return to store-bought produce when the season was over. The farm-fresh eggs were a revelation. The fruit was abundant and delicious. We also liked the ability to swap items and the knowledge that unclaimed shares (due to vacations) are given to the Center for Food Action. We are counting the days until our share begins again.

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CSA - weekly treat
By: Laura Hershcopf    (Apr 30, 2012)

This is my family's fourth CSA year (second with Hazon). We love it! The food is so fresh, we never know what surprises we're in for. It's a holiday each Tuesday when I bring home the bags and unpack them and then plan the weeks meals based on "our haul". When the season ended it was awful having to buy at stores. We love reading the newsletters and learning about the challenges of organic farming, and feel connected to the families who actually grow and pick our produce. It's been a fabulous learning experience for us all.

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Our CSA - an integral part of the continuum of life
By: Eillene Leistner    (Apr 29, 2012)

Whether you split or buy a full share of veggies from the Hazon CSA at the Kaplen JCC, you'll receive some of the top quality organic produce available during the summer and fall growing season. We have enjoyed a diverse, abundant, variety of foods with recipes to suit. Essays on the nature of our connection to the land and the people who work on it are also sent to CSA members. When you read about the challenges of farming these crops, you are more appreciative of the work and dedication of farmers and their families who are truly custodians of our world. I enjoy knowing that we are all connected on this continuum of life. Mostly, I enjoy knowing that the delicious fresh produce I eat is good for me and my family. Join - it's a great experience for all.

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Community Food
By: Marlene Rhodes    (Apr 29, 2012)

Our family was very pleased with the volume and quality of our weekly share in the CSA last summer. It is special to be part of this cooperative food endeavor along with so many wonderful people from the community. We signed up again for a full share -- what we don't consume during the week, we freeze away or give to family and friends. The weekly pickups are convenient, and you can form a carpool to make it even easier.

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