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Buyer beware!
By: Sharon C    (Jul 6, 2011)

There are several true farmers and/or artisans, but there are many resellers. The produce sold by the true farmers at this market is very good. I have decided to trade with only the real farmers & artisans here. That is the reason I go there and that is who I want to deal with. I don't approve of a board who lies to customers telling them that individuals are farmers, when in fact the produce they are selling was grown somewhere else. I would like to see Kennesaw ban resellers from this market. If not, I will take my business to the farmers at all the surrounding areas who do just that.

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peryn burns says:    (Jul 1, 2012)

I am with you Sharon. I was surprised just how many resellers there were. These people are uninformed-when I asked if their tomatoes were GMO, they were clueless. I stuck with one "farm" vender only.

Care2 Review: We love this market!
By: Michael G.    (Aug 20, 2009)

I go out of my way for the friendly personell and quality. And everything always looks and smells so fresh, not to mention the savings !

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