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Farm to Table Garlic Dinner--June 22, 2013
By: Kate Harmon    (Jul 14, 2013)

This event, sponsored by Thaxton's Organic Garlic Farm and Hudson's Restaurant, was memorable from start to finish. Everything about the event, from the 5-course meal prepared lovingly by Kevin and JJ Altomare with over 10 local farmers/vendors featured to the folksy music of Clay & Katy was top notch. Touring the Thaxtons' garlic field and learning about the different types of garlic and how they got their start with their business highlighted the value of just how important it is to be aware of what one consumes and the value of supporting locally based producers. Held on the Thaxton's farm, one could not have asked for a more beautiful venue to hold such an event. The event was all the more special for raising funds to benefit the local Hudson Farmers Market. I can not wait to attend further events here!

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Perfect garlic & happy people!
By: Mandy Wasserman    (Apr 16, 2010)

I have been eating and cooking with garlic for years, and I can honestly say that now I see and taste the difference between what is typically bought in a store and what is grown locally. Chris and Fred grow several varieties of garlic, varying from mild to hot and spicy, and all of it is fabulous. They take pride in their garlic, resulting in a product that is top-notch in every way. They are serious about sustainable farming and bring a great crop to Hudson and the surrounding communities. Also, they are friendly, helpful, and accommodating to their customers, many of whom return to the Farmer's Market year after year to catch up with them and buy whatever the variety of the day happens to be. Buying this garlic, and knowing Fred and Chris Thaxton, make the perfect Saturday morning.

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Promise Kept
By: Dana Keller    (Feb 1, 2010)

Thaxton garlic adorns our kitchen, both hanging like a promise from a hook by the window and playfully waiting for us in a basket on the counter. There is more in the basement. At any moment, you might catch my wife or me slicing, dicing, or grinding. Be it in spaghetti sauce or artichoke dip, on garlic bread, or in any other yummy treat, Thaxton garlic keeps its promise, to make any meal delicious. Of course, I too must keep a promise that I made to my wife, that I will buy garlic from no one else.

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amazing garlic!
By: kathy sapienza    (Jan 30, 2010)

Chris and Fred are amazing, and so is their garlic! They are knowledgeable and happy to share all they've learned about garlic over the past decade. It's great fun to try all the varieties they offer; I never knew garlic existed in so many different sizes and flavors. I've roasted it, crushed it, sliced it, used it in dipping sauces, salad dressings, roasted meats, even baked cookies with it. If you like garlic, you need Thaxton organic garlic!

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Best garlic ever!!
By: patricia laflin    (Jan 25, 2010)

"The best garlic I have ever tasted." "I have never seen such perfect cloves or tasted so many flavors of garlic." These are some of the comments I received from friends/family who have tasted the garlic I have prepared or have shared with them for their own use. Little did they know the care and hard work that went into growing what I consider the best garlic in N.E. Ohio and probably anywhere else! Fred and Chris Thaxton grow their own garlic on their farm in Hudson. The time and effort they put into producing their crop is immeasurable. They plant the crop by hand one clove at a time and use only the best of organic fertilizers and natural materials to make their product the best it can be! Local restaurants buy and use the garlic in their recipes and people flock to the Hudson Farmer's Market during the summer months to purchase their own garlic. I recommend to anyone who is ever in Hudson during the summer months or is lucky enough to live in Hudson to make the effort to visit the Thaxton's booth to try the MANY varieties of garlic they sell.


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#1 Garlic!
By: Catherine Chu    (Jan 24, 2010)

As a true garlic lover, I was blown away when I first tasted the Thaxton garlic. It is, hands down, the most delicious garlic in the world. It is so rich and creamy that it makes any dish delectable! My favorite thing to do is mash it up with a dash of salt with a mortar and pestle and just enjoy! The garlic is fresh, healthy, earth friendly and all-together amazing. It will revitalize your cooking!

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Must have garlic!
By: Claudia Dorman    (Jan 5, 2010)

Having tried Thaxton's Garlic for the first time in the summer of 2009, we are completely hooked. Enough so to travel through a snow storm to buy it! This was by far the best find of the year. Who would have thought that you could eat garlic and olive oil at 10 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning and come back for more? Just outstanding! And, Chris and Fred are as genuine as their product. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

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Peace, Love, Garlic
By: Ann Kohner    (Nov 13, 2009)

What a perfect logo for Thaxton's garlic! Heart and soil, these folks do it right . They understand the earth and use sustainable practices to grow 14 varieties of the best garlic anywhere. From cultivating the soil to planting, to harvest, and market, Chris and Fred nurture the garlic like they do their children, their family, and their friends. Their farm has earned high praise from the North Union Farmer's Market for quality and organization, and the exquisite flavor of their garlic, as well as their earth-friendly practices attracted the attention of The Greenhouse restaurant in Cleveland which uses their garlic in the most unique and delightful dishes I've ever enjoyed.

Peace. love, and Thaxton garlic.

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