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Love the food, recipes and community!
By: Aimee Alexander    (Oct 8, 2019)

We're in our second year of using Second Spring and I absolutely love them - I really appreciate the weekly emails with insight about the farm, state of farming in general and recipes. My kids look forward to picking up our bag and it's a great conversation piece about knowing better and doing better. Plus, the food is so YUMMY! Will be signing up for next year's CSA for sure.

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Excellent CSA
By: Matthew Magyar    (Apr 13, 2019)

Last season was my first CSA membership. I reviewed all the various options available around me and chose Second Spring Farm based on the types of items that would be in the weekly package (mostly normal veggies I already used), the quantity (not a ridiculous amount that you could never finish), and the price / value. I was literally never disappointed, and appreciated the flexibility offered to skip and/or defer a share during the season.

In addition to getting great tasting, super fresh produce, I always looked forward to the weekly emails from the farmer about what was happening on the farm, and what was in the weekly package and why. You get what is growing, obviously; but it was clear that the farm had a plan at the start of the season and had to adapt to a variety of factors throughout the season, which made me really appreciate what it took to deliver the shares each week.

Highly recommend this CSA. I expect to be a part of it as long as I live in Loudoun County.

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Wonderful Produce, Friendly Farmer
By: Laura Bassett    (Mar 6, 2019)

We have been Second Spring Farm customers for five years. We thoroughly enjoy picking up our share each week to see what the farm is currently producing. Even my non vegetable loving spouse has been converted to the joy for fresh vegetables each week. The weekly share is generous and the farm will offer a smaller size share this season for those who found the weekly share a little too much for small households. This year the farm is adding a spring season to their schedule and we have already signed up for both seasons.

I especially like the weekly email that keeps us up to date with what's going on at the farm. The emails also includes several recipe links for each vegetable in the weekly share to help you figure out how to use what you get. The recipes have been great and it has been fun to try new ways to prepare the produce.

I would absolutely recommend Second Spring Farm to anyone who is interested in supporting a CSA in the Washington Metro area.

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Beautiful basics
By: Meredith Haines    (Mar 5, 2019)

I have been a Second Spring CSA member for 4 seasons and highly recommend. The regular share is a good quantity of beautiful basic vegetables that are easy to incorporate into family cooking. The communications are helpful and insightful and the farm is close enough that I have visited. It is an inspiring operation. I usually take up the offer when there are bulk buys of tomatoes or bell peppers available during the season.

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Second Spring - 5 Year Member
By: Jacqueline Davey    (Mar 5, 2019)

I have been a member of the Second Spring Farm CSA for 5 years. It is wonderful and seems to improve every year. I look forward to Friday deliveries of beautiful vegetables that taste so much better than what you get in the grocery store. (I never tasted carrots this good.) The deliveries are reliable and the communication from the farm is excellent. Every Thursday evening, they send out an email listing the contents of the share for that week along with links to really good recipes. It makes it so easy to cook something new and healthy. What I also like is that the Second Spring Farm CSA runs from late June until Thanksgiving, so that you get the fall vegetables, too.

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Fantastic CSA
By:    (Jul 1, 2018)

This is the first time I've tried a CSA and after much research chose Second Spring Farm. I love it and I'm never looking back (sorry Giant). The freshness, variety, quantity, price, pick-up location, and customer service are perfect. This is part of a wellness campaign I'm on and coupled with a fruit harvest from another company I'm feeling better and healthier than I have in a long time. For me personally the psychology of having these veggies in the fridge which call out to be eaten, many of which I would probably never have bought otherwise, keeps me away from stupid snacks and meat-heavy meals. I cooked swiss chard yesterday which I've never had in my life and it was amazing and I ate it instead of pizza. I recommend it highly- CSA in general and Second Spring Farm in specific. I cannot thank them enough. Lisa Fricano Arlington VA

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