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Amazing and delicious!
By: B. Baker    (Dec 5, 2013)

My family is almost through our first order of pork (pork chops, sausages, pork shoulder, bacon, etc.) from Sunnyside Farms and we have enjoyed it immeasurably.

After each meal we try in vain to come up with new words to describe how good the pork is, but we just keep coming back to: "delicious". What you get is pure, wholesome, unblemished porky goodness!

I've had the pleasure of meet the folks that run Sunnyside Farm, and their love of good food and simply living shows through in the products they sell.

Do not hesitate to give it a try. Caution: you may never shop in the grocery store again!

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By: Georgia Brady    (Mar 23, 2013)

Picked up my order of beef from Sunnyside Farms a couple weeks ago and promptly put a chuck roast in the crockpot - there is nothing like the taste of this meat! Fantastic! Knowing I can serve my family the best of meat -- without all the bad stuff we've eaten for years, AND have it taste like this is just awesome! Same for Sunnyside's eggs! Night before last we cooked up some of their sausage with organic peppers and onions. It grilled up so low in fat that I had to ADD a little olive oil to saute the veggies and the taste was out-of-this world. I can't wait for spring and the fresh greens! This is the only way I have ever gotten my 5 servings of fresh veggies a day and boy can I tell a difference in my energy level and skin condition. Service and food from Sunnyside can't be beat!

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Delicious eggs, chicken and beef!
By: Jane Page    (Mar 19, 2013)

I love Sunnyside and their wonderful, organic, free-range, grass fed poultry, beef and eggs. Their generosity towards other farmers is astounding as well. As a model for sustainable farming, Sunnyside is one of the best I've seen. If you want relief from factory farm "food", supporting local farmers is a must so invest in one every single year.

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Sunnyside Farm
By: Linda Naugle    (Mar 19, 2013)

I first met Sunnyside Farm 3 years ago at a farmers' market near me. I signed up for a turkey for Thanksgiving, my first heritage bird, and was struck by how simple it was to deal with these folks as I learned how to properly cook a heritage bird. We weren't talking about a no-fault water-and salt infused Butterball! The following year I signed up for the CSA for their eggs, chicken and turkey and was so pleased by the way they raised their chickens and turkey, all to standards that I have become spoiled by. I would not even conceive of buying my eggs, chicken or turkey anywhere else, even if the prices were cheaper. (You get what you pay for.) This year I also got to see the farm on numerous occasions. I was so impressed by their operation, that if I lived closer I would probably volunteer there. ALL farms should operate this way - keeping it environmentally sound from every possible angle. Maintaining healthy (and happy) animals. What is equally impressive is that these folks strive to assist other farmers who want to move in the same direction. Offering seminars whenever asked. They truly lead by example. I wish there were a lot more doing farming like this!

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High-quality products directly grown by honest farmers
By: Johanna Goderre    (Mar 4, 2013)

We have eaten eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, and produce from Sunnyside Farm - all of these items are delicious and fresh! We have visited the farm many times and even volunteered - they raise everything that they sell. Their methods mean we can trust that our food is free of preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics and that it was raised in healthy growing conditions. We buy our Thanksgiving Turkey from Sunnyside every year and some family members who never liked the salt-infused, fatty grocery turkeys now love their T-day meal with a fresh, pastured-raised turkey! Egg yolks are a delightful dark-orange and full of flavor.

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