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More time to enjoy our day and our meals!
By: Deborah Nardozzi    (Jan 15, 2011)

I've wanted to be a part of a CSA for a few years now and I finally got my husband talked into the "extra expense." After completing the first 10 weeks and currently starting our second season he now sees that we save money each week on groceries. There are so many wonderful things I'd like to tell readers about this CSA:

*Grocery shopping is so easy! We just pick a few proteins, a few grains (tortillas, bread, rice) and some dairy products. Then we're done for a week (or more.)

*We get to experiment with new meals or we can make our staples each week. For example we just put some delicious arugula on our burgers (staple) and then we made a new curry recipe with the Kabocha Squash.

*If guests "pop by" for dinner, which happens often with our friends, I always have a huge fresh salad, fruit cut up for them to munch on, as well as a yummy entree or side dish.

*The recipes that sometimes come with the basket are delicious! I've wanted to make every single one of them!

*We get the full basket so we have eggs each week and I can't begin to explain my peace of mind knowing that the chickens are free range, grain fed, and healthy.

*We frequently get a jar of homemade pesto, salad dressing, preserve or other sauce and it's insta-meal! We just add some protein to our side of veggies, toss in some brown rice, and cover in sauce. Bon Appetit!

If you're still "on the fence" with joining a CSA or are unhappy with the one you currently have I highly recommend FarmYard.

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Great CSA Experience
By: Melissa Groen    (Jan 7, 2011)

We just completed a 10-week "subscription" for Farmyards' CSA basket and had a wonderful experience. Each week a beautiful basket full of local and organic produce, along with eggs (and sometimes nuts, dressings, pesto, etc). would show up on our doorstep. Everything was delicious! It gave us a fantastic opportunity to find out first hand what is grown in our own backyard, and to learn more about what is in season. They would also include a weekly recipe using some of the ingredients that had just been delivered. We learned to do some yummy things with turnips, winter sqash and eggplants, items we don't normally purchase. This program is great, and the employees were always kind and helpful.

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A better choice
By: Rebecca Lee    (Jan 29, 2010)

I'm so proud!! I came from San Francisco, land of uber-organic, to Arizona and found a surprise. My niece started this concept of turning your water gulping/fertilizer laden yard into a productive, beautiful food garden. She's using the produce and selling the extra. And, she will build a garden (farmyard) for you. You can use the produce yourself and/or she will sell it for you. Your choice. This is a winning opportunity for yourself, your family, your environment. Wouldn't you be proud?

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Heather Compton says:    (Jan 10, 2012)

How do I get in touch with Rebecca Lee? I would like to have her come set up an urban garden for me so I can begin harvesting my own vegs. My email is:

You bet in my backyard!
By: merline smail    (Jan 9, 2010)

Not only supplies a "when ready" supply of fresh, healthy vegetables but makes the yard look handsome and loved.

A marvelous, timely idea!!!!!

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Excellent Service & Product
By: Beth Lee    (Jan 8, 2010)

We ordered a Farmyard and today, in winter, we are harvesting lettuces, broccoli rabe, herbs and other weather suitable crops right before dinner. The difference between fresh from the garden versus the store is phenomenal. The 'look' of my garden is so well tended and cared for that I have the neighbors stunned by my green thumb. They also hope for anything surplus and appear nearby when I am clipping fresh greens. Having your own vegetable garden is a treasure that has been lost in our mass production society and along with it went the taste/flavors of "home grown". I encourage everyone to use Farmyard as they simplify the process. It saves money as well. We water produce, not a yard. Getting back to basics, a garden, and good food is a huge plus for our children. They learn how things grow, not how to open a package. Do not does take time to amend the soil and to get the PH etc. all correct for good production. You don't want to miss the next growing's TOMATOES!!! Many thanks Farmyard, you are excellent.

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Fresh vegetables from our
By: James Kidwell    (Jan 8, 2010)

In early November, we employed "farmyard" to install and plant our 20x20 garden area. We agreed upon (4) 4x4 box planters and perimeter beds. The installation and preparation of soil was just as "advertised" and work was completed ontime and very professional. Plantings were selected and drip irragtion installed for watering. Our plantings include broccoli, turnips, carrots, leeks, herbs, beans (wax, purple and fava) and four different lettuces. It is now mid January and we are nightly enjoying our harvest of fresh organic lettuces, broccoli-rob and herbs. All our plants are all thriving and we are begining to prepare for the spring plantings with indoor seedlings.

While we have always had an AZ garden, the "farmyard" approach (boxes/organic) is far better from a maintenance and production of quality vegetables than any previous expereinces. We highly recommend "farmyard".

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