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By: Phyllis Tranquillo    (Mar 3, 2013)

What a fantastic CSA we are lucky enough to live close to and be part of, we absolutely love being members of Taproot! What a delight to have this fresh, beautiful produce every week! We also signed up for the optional add on egg share, fruit share and chicken share and couldn't be happier. George and Ola are wonderful to work with. If you live close enough to their farm or a drop off site for pick-up....I wouldnt hesitate and sign up.

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Goodness, grace us!
By: Darree Sicher    (Feb 8, 2013)

We have absolutely enjoyed our CSA with Taproot Farm and appreciate the opportunity to eat and live in 'the season'. By sharing in local foods, brought to us by dedicated hands and hearts, we are making an effort to 'walk the talk' of valuing our farm family and farm community as the true commodity that it is. The foods from Taproot are fresh, real and relevant and part of the community I want for my present and future.

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Entering 4 years of membership
By: Brian Jennings    (Feb 3, 2013)

We have signed up for our fourth year of membership with Taproot Farm. We love it! We get the full share, eggs, and additional fruit share. We get a great variety of produce including garlic and herbs. George and Ola do a great job of creating community among the members and providing recipes and storage tips. We've toured the farm numerous times to see the awesome work they are doing and the practices they employ. Weekly email updates about farm happenings are a nice touch as well. We highly recommend this CSA.

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Tops Produce in the Area
By: Lelayna Klein    (Feb 20, 2012)

I come across AND eat produce from a lot of farms in the general area & I have to give Tap Root Farm the best ratings!

They care very much about the quality of the produce & are excellent stewards of the land!

Plus their staff & children are all very enjoyable! Join their CSA!

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Impressive First Year CSA
By: Elizabeth Weir    (Jul 16, 2010)

This was our first time doing a CSA and as I understand it, it is the first year Taproot offered a CSA. George and Ola have been great. The vegetables are fantastic. The heads of lettuce are works of art. They are gorgeous and as big as my head. Our biggest problem is that we can't eat all the veggies fast enough! They are generous with the amount they give you. My gripes are few. I guess the one veggie related gripe is that we sometimes get the occasional oddball veggie, like kohlrabi. I tried it. It was ok, but not a staple that I turn to. However, that isn't often and I'm happy to have the chance to try something new. My only other complaint might be that I don't like having to drive into the city of reading to pick up my box. I try to avoid the city at all costs and it would be great if they could find a location in West Reading or Wyomissing. Those things are petty in the long run. George and Ola do a great job. They are communicative. They always send an e-mail preceding the pick-up listing what will be in our box and if there are some oddballs, they give ideas on how to prepare them. Loved the fresh garlic! Never realized how much better that tastes than the cured stuff at the grocery store. I highly recommend this CSA.

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